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Dirty Wisp

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Well, this deck plays around Memory Dredger and Soulbringer effects. This are the main key cards in this deck. This deck isn't even the greatest deck but can perform pretty well. It's a theme deck around wisp, please enjoy :)

Some general tipps:
- Keep your Dark Return and Temple Tactic (from Temple Standard) for your key cards. Don't waste it on wisp. Only if you have no other choices left.
- Pathlighter + Xenan Initiation is your removal tool. Don't be afraid to lost your wisp for clearing out the board. Just do it since you can reanimate them pretty easy. Prefer it over using Banish or Deathstrike.
- Wingbrewer is your search tool for your key cards. Prefer to put wisps (except Void Drummer) in the void.
- Devour works great with Dark Wisp if you're running out of cards. :P

If you don't have the Shiftstone to craft the copies of Void Drummer and Wingbrewer you can replace them with Thief's Pick and Subvert. That's how I run the list before I decided to put the both legendary cards in.

Have fun :)


Please leave a comment if you have some recommendations or questions. I appreciate it ^^


Update 1: Some power base tweaks. Even cut 2x Xenan Initiation (normally it's enought if you have at least one Pathlighter with killer) and put an additional Banish and Deathstrike in. More removal for consistency.


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1 2

Power Sources
12 17 8 4

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20 18 24 8

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32 0 18 0 25


January 2, 2019


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