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Dragons! (7-0, draft)

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A very solid draft deck, with heavy Dragon and Stranger themes.

P1P1 was Strange Tracker, followed by P1P2 Razorpain Hellkite, which put me firmly into FPS. From there, I generally focused on picking up dragons and removal. I also picked up a Tainted Mark to take advantage of all my flying.

P2P1 was Soaring Stranger, which gave more evasion and incentivized strangers. I'd picked up a Covetous Stranger previously to boost the Razorpain Hellkite, so this was already something I was interested in.

Remaining packs mostly just filled out the deck with more dragons and strangers.

Overall, deck functioned pretty well - lots of evasion, backed up by a bit of removal to clear out blockers. Decks generally don't have that much interaction for fliers, and definitely not for this many premium evasive beaters.

MVP: Tainted Mark. Snowball-y card, which means it can be bad if you lack a board.... but this deck has a ton of evasion to take advantage of it.


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2 2 2

Power Sources
6 6 6 2

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17 11 1

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19 3 5 0 18


March 9, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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