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Manacle Fuse Control

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Hey Guys, when I reached Master I tinkered around with Black Iron Manacles. At the moment the deck is still a bit clunky but I managed to win some games with it ;). The fun begins when Chalice/JP Control decks kill themselves with draws or Armory decks lose their weapons immediately. Against Aggro decks and especially Rakano Plate it's like 50/50 if you hit a good start and clear most of the threads.
Try to Mulligan for early removal + Waykeepers and Bloodcasters to bodyblock early pressure. Stray into Shadow + Witch help against sticky creatures. The Reapers and Harbingers are there to keep you alive long enough so the Light the Fuse and Black Iron Manacles can do their work. If you manage to put Azindel's onto a card hoarding control player with Manacles your chances are good to win ;). I think about adding a second Deathstrike but at the moment I don't know which card i should cut.
I appreciate any tips for improvements!

Edit: -1 Witch ; +1 Deathstrike


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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


June 18, 2017

June 17, 2017


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Backfisch Eternal Version: 1.21
I also thought about playing like Treachery/Sabotage/Pilfer to disturb the enemy as long as possible. As far as I remember Pilfer makes the bombs explode in your own face so it's kind of contraproductive. I have a new idea on how to deal good face damage and keep yourself alive at the same time. Thoughts/deck coming soon.
Treelamp Eternal Version: 1.21
I wish I had 4x Light the Fuse ;( seems like such a fun/silly card.

This isn't exactly the same as an idea I had (Probably with yours being better), but I thought it would be funny to run something similar to this and either hand control or Pilfer type things to help dig the opponent into more Bombs from Light the Fuse. Although I am also partially curious to see what happens if you Pilfer a bomb off their deck, I assume it blows up in your face (literally).