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Scattershot-Nightmare Combo

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Cost Curve




To get combo at 8th turn you need:
1st turn: put depleted power.
2nd turn: put depleted power.
3rd turn: summon Time merchant to get Journey Guide from market.
4th turn: summon Journey Guide, after that 1 Primal/Shadow merchant to get Reccuring Nightmare with decreased cost by 1.
5th turn: summon Time/Primal merchant to get Nesting Avisaur from market.
6th turn: summon Nesting Avisaur and put Reccuring Nightmare on topdeck.
7th turn: summon Fire merchant to get Iceberg Scattershot from market.
8th turn: summon Iceberg Scattershot, summon Reccuring Nightmare over 9000 times.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 1 1 1 1

Power Sources
14 14 11 15 13 23 8

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
22 11 47

Card Types
32 0 1 0 47


December 23, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.42 - Defiance

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brianorwhatever Eternal Version: 1.42
I love you
Comment Deleted
Makash Eternal Version: 1.42
I like combos, but you will be dead by turn 8 with this setup
KGBkid Eternal Version: 1.42
Did you tried deck already? It have 7 units to champblock. If you played against aggro it loose a lot of tempo after trades. If you played against midrange it cant kill you at 8th turn with champblock. You can lose to Rain of Frogs and Vara's Choice instantly, but aggro/midrange matchup is winnable.
Makash Eternal Version: 1.42
Of course it can, but chances are extremely low. If you face any Aggro Fire combo (Skycrag, Rakano or Praxis), they will either nuke your Journey Guide or stun/silence anything.
As i said, i like combos, but i just don't judge the deck to be a viable option.
KGBkid Eternal Version: 1.42
If u want we can test it vs aggro decks. Pm me ingame KGBkid+9518.
P.S. Journey Guide is useless after turn it summoned. You already reduce Nighmare's cost at 4th turn.