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Starter Valkyrie Justice Deck

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Hey guys. So im fairly new to the game. Been playing for 4 days as of the upload of this deck to this site. But i wanted a deck that could hold up decently well in the gauntlet as well as in ranked. This deck has gotten me so far to undefeated diamond rank in the gauntlet. I havent tried to get any further currently so theres no telling how far it will take me in gauntlet and the deck as it currently stands is 2 for 2 in the ladder.

If you are looking for a super competitive deck this probably isnt for you. But it will get you those sweet rewards from gauntlet runs with ease. Its okay in the ladder but is too defensive when starting out to keep up with other green or purple decks or green and purple decks and seems to fail against combo decks and hard aggro decks. Im still working on tweaks to this deck but i wanted to build a deck that anyone could create with ease after just coming into the game that will hold up decently well.
This deck accomplishes just that. If youve played and passed the tutorial you will likely have 80% of the cards needed in this deck, including the one legendary. Its by no means a budget deck but its starter friendly.


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June 15, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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