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[Masters] T/P Midrange Festival

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Went from Gold III to Masters with this.

Do you like to draw a lot of cards but also be a midrange deck?
I present something that has often times had better fuel economy than a control deck while still having a fair matchup against aggro and midrange.

Let's first talk about Jotun Feast-Caller.
He is my favorite card in this game and I wanted to find a good and viable place for him. This is definitely the spot and often is the MVP of the deck. I will very often get 2-3 cards on attack with him because aegis is difficult to deal with. The best combo is to attack with him, then Mirror Image him to get a copy that gets the same buffed card draw amount on attack. Since he has aegis, he frequently disrupts control plans when you follow up with back to back threats.

Mystic Ascendant: is another card draw engine.
Sandstorm Titan: The deck doesn't use any flying units so sandstorm titan patches that up along with the suite of removal/disruption at your disposal.
Worldbearer Behemoth: Is another giant threat for your opponent to deal with. He also ramps and combos well with mystic ascendant. More often than not though he seems to be more like, "Summon: Eat an opponent's removal spell". This is why he's only 2x but still has been a great card when he sticks because of overwhelm, ramp, and combo with the mystic.
Cirso, the Great Glutton: Huge threat that dodges annihilate and demands a removal from midrange opponents, otherwise he's pretty much unblockable unless they want to 3-1 for it. The overwhelm is also punishing because they can't chump it.
Mirror Image: Works really well with each of your bombs. It gives you the versatility of playing any bomb you have out with the benefit of only costing 3. This card has won me a ton of games and did I mention it combos really well with Jotun Feast-Caller?

Now let's talk about the supporting cards...
Trail Maker: Has been a fantastic influence fixer because we need triple primal and/or triple time by turn 5.
Strategize and Wisdom of the Elders: Help you find the power you need to get to 6 and to dig for threats when you're running low.
Levitate: This seems insignificant, but levitate is an understated card. Lots of decks are playing aegis units which this pops while also being a cantrip. It can just draw you a card if your desperate to dig. It also gives Jotun Feast-Caller flying so he can go over your opponent's units and reward you with additional card draw.

Removal/Disruption Suite
Permafrost and Polymorph: Solid removal.
Scorpion Wasp: Good at protecting Jotun Feast-Caller from relic weapon attacks. Also good against Icaria, the Liberator, other aegis units, and other things you need dead that are attacking.
Equivocate: This card is awesome and even though it still gives your opponent a unit, often times it will be near irrelevant as it won't go with their gameplan and they have to recast it. I don't think this card has ever let me down. Additionally, if you're desperate, you can even equivocate one of your own units back to hand in response to a board wipe.
Hailstorm: Mass Aegis popping, but more importantly it deals with early game threats. Despite having the unfriendly nature with Feast-Caller, this card looks better than Lightning Storm due to the emergence of combrei aggro and the ever looming Rakano with butts at 3. This card is more important in the early game anyways so by the time you have Jotun Feast-Caller out you shouldn't need this and can be an easy tuck away with Strategize

The Powerbase
This deck runs 25 power, but the card draw makes it very rare for power screw to happen. Trail Maker and all the dual powers make influence fixing a breeze. Despite us needing PPP and/or TTT by turn 5 it's super easy to achieve. Often times I'll find myself throwing a different influence color completely from the Trailmaker to try and throw off my opponent. Cobalt Waystone helps protect against Azindel's Gift and Rain of Frogs.

The Matchups
The deck overall has a fair matchup across the board. It can often times outgrind control. Stalling the board with disruptions and hailstorms till I can get out the big guys is useful against aggro. The disruptions and Cirso are effective against midrange. Polymorph and equivocate are necessary against bombs requiring immediate answers. The only deck this tends to get wrecked by is armory because our answers all relate to units and spells and by the time we land a target it usually gets swept away by their removal to keep their lane clear. Azindel's gift also is a major bummer and so Disjunction may be something to look into to help aid in both of those matchups. I just didn't add it because it's a narrow card and we don't really have many attachments to get back with it.

I wanted to build a deck that gives you options and makes you think about your next move. I think this deck does that well. It is difficult to wield and you definitely need to anticipate what your opponent is going to do, but it is super fun when you see its power. Let me know what you think though.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


April 2, 2018

March 19, 2018


Eternal Version
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egravant Eternal Version: 1.31
Thanks for sharing and jotun is also one of my favorite cards. I tried it but i m getting really beat up by aggro and control. Control can deal will all my threats and aggro if i don;t draw the storm it's good game.
OjackRN Eternal Version: 1.31
Yeah last season (March) I was having a much more positive record. I've noticed it getting crushed hard this season though. I'll be trying to figure out what adjustments it needs soon
BadBug Eternal Version: 1.31
Thanks for sharing - it looks fun and powerfull.
I have few questions -
* Do you think its still viable in the current ladder ?
* Can you tell if the latest Iacria blue deck performs better/worse than this one ?
OjackRN Eternal Version: 1.31
1) Unfortunately this deck has been getting pretty slammed this season :-( . It is weak to madness because by the time you get a 4 or 5 drop down, they take it and turn it in for lethal or they combust your 4 for the 5 drop. I’ve not had much luck with it and I think it’s the general shift away from control as this deck had a very decent matchup against it.
2) I would say Icaria blue probably performs better currently than this deck (if you’re trying to decide between the two) but idk how Icaria Blue is really doing in tier list as I feel Icaria Black (Shadow) may be a bit better at the moment
To note though: this deck still is pretty favorable against praxis sentinels because of Cirso. Additionally I will be working on this deck later this week cause I think it can do way better after adjustments like adding Dawnwalker.
Thanks for checking this deck out though! :-D
BadBug Eternal Version: 1.31
Thanks for replying.
The truth is - I crafted Icaria blue but yet I'm too loyal to the feln :P
SmydStab Eternal Version: 1.31
I was having a really bad run using most of the other decks you mentioned above in the Deck Information. Now, after playing this deck moslty in Ranked, I am winning a manority of my matchups against all the Rakano, Feln and Argenport decks etc.. and the random self-made decks people run. Solid and very fun to play. Thank you posting the deck and your information was a fun read, as well.
OjackRN Eternal Version: 1.31
Hey no problem! I'm glad you're having fun with it because you can do some sweet things. Additionally, I'm assuming you mean "majority" of the matchups and not "minority"?
SmydStab Edited Eternal Version: 1.31
Yes, sorry, majority. Yes it is a lot of fun to play this deck! Have used Equivocate in the first couple turns playing against Rakano (on their Oni Ronin) and just derailed their game for a few turns when they depend on early Warcries, or all together, if they just had a bad hand. Or using Levitate on Worldbearer Behemoth to float him over their wall of land-walkers after using Mirror Image on an earlier Worldbearer that had already hit the opponent a couple times with two Mystic Ascendants on the board, or even Levitate before their turn ends on their creature to draw an extra card, which usually helps break a draw-stall. Jotun Feast-Caller & Cirso, the Great Glutton have always been two of my top favorite cards.
OjackRN Eternal Version: 1.31
Yeah mirror image on any of the diesels that have already attacked is unreal value and I've almost decked myself with the worldbearer and mystic combo before lol. Cirso is a complete midrange (praxis sentinels in particular) buster as they don't really have answers for it.