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The Screaming Sum of All Fears

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There are three cards in particular that I am excited about in Fall of Argenport - Fearbinder, Acquisitive Crow and Sewer Sludge, so this is a deck trying to make use of all three!

The plan that I built this deck around is to a) grow some Sludges, b) feed them into the Fearbinder, and then c) attack with berserked Fear's Sums, and then recur them when they die!

I decided to put these three cards in a loose Haunting Scream shell for a number of reasons. The Fear's Sum units created by Fearbinder have a power cost of one, which means they can be screamed back into play, resetting their berserk and attacking in the air twice, which is pretty sweet! Acquisitive Crow is also a really nice unit to scream, since it hits for 4 damage, and draws you two random 1-cost spells (this ability is actually great! Often the spells are useful, and when they aren't they are great fodder for Kerendon Merchant). Finally, Sewer Sludge can end up being a 3/4 or 4/5, which makes for a good scream target in a pinch!

Given the Scream shell, there are some cards that fit in extremely naturally - Gorgon Fanatic, Direwood Beastcaller, and Dark Return (the core of the classic Feln scream lists). Levitate makes the cut in the deck where it pulls double (or triple?!) duty - it helps push infiltrators through, it digs deeper into the deck for the pieces that the deck wants, and it helps to pop aegis for the removal spells to do their thing.

Speaking of removal spells, the deck features Permafrost as a cheap way to push through early infiltrators, Annihilate as a way to deal with all the over-statted Time legends that are running all over the place at the moment, and Feeding Time as an answer to anything (particularly things like Dawnwalker and recurring Wispy things!)

The rest of the deck is made up of Honored Skyguard, Memory Dredger and Kerendon Merchant. The skyguards provide a body early in the game, they have two chances to grow the Sludges, and are also a way to pitch a card for scream at the same time as digging into the deck. They ALSO cost only 2 power, which is perfect for Memory Dredger to bring back! The main reason the dredger is here, though, is to bring back dead Fear's Sums with a fresh berserk ready to go.

Finally the Kerendon Merchant brings with it the market, where we have five cards to choose from. Currently those are Haunting Scream, Gorgon Fanatic and Fearbinder
- three cards we want to see every game, so putting them into the market gives us a virtual seven (in the case of scream and fanatic) or six (in the case of Fearbinder) copies in the deck. The final two cards are a one-two Rindra punch - a copy of Rindra, the Duskblade, who is great when you need to buffer your life total to stabilise a game and Rindra's Choice to help deal with multi-faction nasties. The market is perhaps more of a work in progress than the rest of the deck is - for example, it might be right to have Devestating Setback in one of the two flexi-slots, and perhaps if Dreamsnatcher is correct in the deck then Rindra isn't needed at all.

Now, onto some thoughts about what might be correct to change - there are two specific cards that I think might have better alternatives. The slot occupied by Honored Skyguard could instead be three copies of either Dreamsnatcher or Portent Reader. Dreamsnatcher is a cheap body (like Skyguard), but it has lifesteal, which helps with keeping up in the early game. It also has an ultimate that can be pretty bonkers if the game goes long. On the other hand Portent Reader has a worse body than the skyguard, but allows an immediate discard in order to draw a copy of Second Sight, which helps to dig through the deck. Currently I am not sure if Reader beats out Skyguard, but the question of Dreamsnatcher vs Skyguard essentially boils down to how good lifesteal is vs flying (and vs the rummage/becoming 3/3) in the early game - once I have a better idea of what's going on on ladder.

Secondly, I am not sure Direwood Beastcaller is right for the deck. It could well be that between Fanatic, Crow and Fear's Sum tokens the deck has not shortage of good Scream targets. It could be replaced with something to help the Fearbinder plan more - either something to help out in the early game, or even more digging spells like Strategize (I think if I am only playing one I like Cull the Deck over Strategize in a deck like this - it digs deeper to important cards, and I don't find there are many dead cards that I always want to bottom out of my hand anyway). It's certainly powerful, but it's fragile, and needs a lot of hoop-jumping to get it to work. Pros: when it gets through on 4, it's pretty amazing, plus eating the beasts with Fearbinder is really nice! On the other hand, you can just win with the beasts, which dilutes the fun of fearbinder... Cons: Fragile, tricksy, needs support. Perhaps any other 3 drop with a good affect and P/T might be more consistent as a curve filler and food for Fear?! They could even just be Seek Powers or Vara's Favor/Eliyn's Favor to be honest - getting to 6 power is pretty key in this deck, since that's the point where you can play a Haunting Scream and then activate the Fearbinder in the same turn, which is a pretty great thing to be able to do.

There's also the option to add a light fire splash for Combust, in which case Madness comes in. Madness seems FANTASTIC with Fearbinder, but it's a 7-power combo, so without some other cheap option (i.e. Combust. Or Devour, I guess) it doesn't seem great. Perhaps one in the market? Anyway, more testing will tell! The advantage of Feln is that the power works out very nicely - e.g. landing a turn 3 crow isn't hard, and turn 2 skyguard/dreamsnatcher is also pretty straight forward.

Anyway! That's the deck for now! It's a lot of fun - Fearbinder is a sweet card. Once I have taken it out on the ladder more than the casual room and I have an idea of how it's shaking out vs other decks out there I will make some tweaks, and add to the write up!


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July 5, 2018

July 3, 2018


Eternal Version
The Fall of Argenport

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Hericus Eternal Version: 1.36
I just built this deck and although I'm having fun with it, I've only won about 3 out of 15 games with it. Not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong, but it's fun when combos do go off. I'll let you know once I figure out how to play it
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
Yeah, I am not sure it's good! It's definitely fun though. The problem is finding the time to slot in the fearbinder between playing defensively (not great in these colours) and offensively - you often end up playing a less-than-stellar scream deck with a fearbinder rotting in your hand... I'm still messing around with the deck to try and work out what hits and what misses and to streamline it a bit. Sadly, I think our friend the crow might be one of the misses :'(
firerogue517 Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
Starting a new thread because the old one is getting too thin to read :'D
How do you feel about moving Rindra to the market?

Something like -2 Rindra, -2 Feeding Time, -4 Elf, -1 Drummer for +3 Portent Reader, +2 Permafrost, +2 Annihilate, +2 Rindra's Choice?
In the market you'd swap the choice for Rindra

Depending on the meta I might even skew 3x Annihilate and 1x Choice. This deck scoops real hard to Teacher of Humility
With this setup the extra removal should just be generally helpful against aggro, and you only draw Rindra in the matchups where you need them and have a window to play them. Merchant curving seamlessly into Rindra also means you don't lose any tempo from the swap
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
I've actually just switched the elves for honoured skyguard (I think it has a slight edge over portent reader since it has two chances to trigger sludge), and was thinking of what to slot out to put in a 3/3 split on feeding time and annihilate - I like Rindras choice in the market with all the big time legends running around. Rindra in the market is an idea though - it's really just the lifesteal you want, and it's not all the time. I'm also considering a fire splash for crunch and torch, perhaps over beast caller and the hypothetical annihilates.
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
As another probably wrong but kinda spicy idea, what about dreamsnatcher maindeck instead of rindra? Its not as beefy a body, but it can gain life repeatedly, instead of just once/twice, Memory Dredger can recur it repeatedly, and that ultimate is a hell of a thing in the late game
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
Oof! That's worth considering in place of the skyguard...
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
If you splash fire, I'd be more interested in playing Quarry or a Madness/Combust package than Crunch.
Assuming Crunch connects, it gives you an effect that's pretty similar to Quarry, and I'm not sure how much this deck cares about giving crunch berserk. Like, the fact that he hits for 6 each time you scream him is nice, but it feels like this deck doesn't care much about the opponent's life total until it starts caving their face in with larger and larger Fear's Sums. Also, while it doesn't happen too frequently, quarry on turn 2 or 3 is another way to set up a turn 3 scream.

Madness/Combust would give you a very clean way to answer basically anything your opponent throws at you, and as bonus upside, you get the madness/fearbinder synergy for free :) Madness can also worst case temporarily get a blocker out of the way for your infiltrators.
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
All good points! And you're right, the plan is definitely the fears sums. The problem with combust without ALSO adding grenadins or other cards that make many bodies is it's dead without madness. Maybe that's another reason to think about the sheep making card (the name escapes me)? I'm keen to try a build with madness though, given the fearbinder.
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
That seems like going too deep and thining the deck a bit too much. I think I'd switch from honored skyguard to portent reader to ease the influence requirements, and because it feels less bad to sac a 1/1, and also run 4 copies of granite waystone. You can also always sac the sludges in a pinch. While doing that is definitely a bummer, you've got no shortage of ways to recur it.
And as sad as it is to consider, its possible that in a fire variant, cutting the sludges for drones is just correct. They're probably only getting to 2/3 or 3/4 from the core of the deck, so they don't truly become powerhouses until you're cooking off with fearbinder anyways
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
Hmmm, that might be optimal, but I didn't come here not to play sludges! Good point on the heavy recursion though... I think if the annihilate/perma/feeding time mix is lackluster and I've explored all the feln options I'll try the madness combust torch version. However it pans out, the deck is super fun already! Thanks for pitching in man! I'll update the deck description when I get home or in the morning with the latest version.
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
It was a lot of fun! I definitely plan on crafting this soon, and then I'll be able to contribute more than just theorycraft :D
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
Keep me up to date! I'll be updating this page as the deck changes. I'm relatively new and I haven't really played a lot beyond netdecking so I'd be keen to see your results!
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
I'm not a huge fan of Observer, and I've always thought Beastcaller + Fanatic is more than enough targets for scream. Especially with Aquisitve Crow also being a solid scream target, what do you think of cutting rindra and observer for the removal slots? Madness and Levitate also feel like solid includes in the deck. Both help you push through infiltrators, Levitate has the additional upside of cycling and popping aegis, and Madness is just hella lolzy with Fearbinder, although it is a 7 mana combo
ApesMa Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
The nice thing about observer is the cycling, rather than screaming her. I was also considering cutting the beastcallers, they tend to rot in the hand somewhat, but then if I chopped out Rindra for Levitate that might work out pretty well. I find the lifesteal with Rindra so valuable to stabilise games though, especially if the first few turns are digging around for the right pieces. I considered madness and fearbinder (so nasty!), but as you say, it's 7 power, and without devour I am not sure it is worth it. Perhaps one in the market though? Hmmmm, fuel for though! Thanks!

EDIT: the void drummer is also an easy cut - that's just there for fun whilst it's all new! I feel like it's one of those cards that barely does anything as a one-of.
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
I don't like observer because it's 3 mana, draws your opponent a card, and doesn't affect the board state because you need to exhaust her. It's possible the board presence from sewer sludge and territorial elf helps mitigate that particular downside, but I'm still not sold.
As a completely unrelated thought, permafrost is a surprisingly strong pseudo-removal spell in this style of deck because it gives you such an efficient way to get blockers out of the way. The usual downside is that your opponent could silence the permafrost or otherwise utilize the unit, but by the time they do that, this deck should have generated an immense amount of value from the infiltrate triggers that will be difficult to overcome
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
Yeah - actually good points. I am keen to get a bit more card draw into the deck, I think I might cut the observers and put in levitates in their place. I went down two Rindras (well, really a rindra and a torgov...) already, and considering I just want him to stabilise one or two hits with lifesteal ought to do it, so I am happy with that. Permafrost is a nice pick actually - I will give it a shot in the next round of tests I think. Thanks! Another card I am thinking of trying is cull the deck - it digs so deep and for a deck like this, that wants specific pieces, it might be just right. I am still suspicious of elf - it can't block which in a deck like this (i.e., no combat tricks) is a not insignificant downside.
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
Cull the deck looks sweet here. I wonder if there's any world where Tend the Flock is correct over the elf? Almost certainly not because they have 0 attack, but it does give you 3 bodies... Slumbering Stone could be more interesting though. its a reasonable blocker which at bare minimum chumps twice, and as a target for Memory Dredger, it's definitely one of the more harrassing ones.
P.S. You might wanna update the deck description too. It still references Mirror Image!
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
I did think about slumbering stone actually, but I also didn't want to revert to the tried and tested classics until I had exhausted set 4 options! Tend the Flock is interesting that's for sure! I mean, it holds down the ground for a while, and also DOES provide bodies to stick into the fearbinder... but yeah, I'm not totally convinced!

And yes, I do need to update it! I'm just leaving work now though so it'll have to wait until later!
firerogue517 Eternal Version: 1.36
It occurs to me that whichever unit you play is mostly there to be a body and hopefully have at least 1 attack. What do you think of Portent Reader or Honored Skyguard? The flying on both could be randomly relevant, but more importantly, they both also come with a card filtering ability! I can't decide which I like better, but I think I'm leaning towards Reader. Second sight feels like it ought to be better than a straight rummage, Especially because you can discard on turn 2 for a quick turn 3 scream, which tends to snowball the game completely out of control
ApesMa Eternal Version: 1.36
Oooh, portent reader seems pretty nice actually! I like honoured skyguard a lot, but I don't have any, and I just blew all my shiftstone, I'll be dusting cards to try it out though - the fact it grows seems sweet as well... One way or another the elves are definitely out.
GigglePig Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
I've been thinking a lot about a deck like this but I'm still quite new to eternal and haven't been brave enough to commit my dust to it.

I think Memory Dredger wants to be in this deck as well. Sure it's value isn't as stable as Shadowlands Guide but if you can stick one with a Fearbinder out you'll get out of control pretty fast.

I'd also try fit in fire even if its just for Crunch, The Hoarder and Torch.

I don't think Direwood Beastcallers fit in so well either. There isn't really a way to push them through so if you don't have a discard outlet they're likely to be dead in hand.

These are just my speculations though - as I said I haven't been able to test something like this myself. Please keen going with it and let us know when you've been able to refine it

I also would really want to
ApesMa Edited Eternal Version: 1.36
I have been thinking about adding Crunch actually (who has been SO GOOD in my more traditional scream lists) - it's definitely something to try. You're right about Beastcaller, after jamming a few games he does seem a bit lackluster. Obviously screaming him is good, but yeah - the stuck in the hand times are real! My plan at the moment is to fiddle a bit with the pure feln list, and then get crunch and torch involved once I am in a happy place with two factions. Whilst I don't know where the deck will be when I want to add fire, I think that observer -> Crunch and beastcaller -> torch, or something like that might be the way to do it. Perhaps quarry? Anyway, I will keep it feln for a the next bunch of games and see how it goes!

And yeah, the recurring ability of Dredger is probably better, especially once the Fearbinder is online! Plus when you scream one it might as well be Guide... I think I was too focused on there being no good 2-power targets and forgot about the repeatability!

EDIT: I will definitely keep going - I think I am in love with Fearbinder! This deck is SUCH a blast, even in the current shabby state. Also, you would really want to WHAT? Don't leave us hanging!
GigglePig Eternal Version: 1.36
Lol I think the "I would really want to..." was meant to be the start of one of my previous thoughts. I tend to rephrase a lot when I write things and it probably just got left behind.