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Need some sealed help please.

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0 Borrowed Violence x1 0 Melt Down x1 0 Steely Resolve x1 1 Be Gone x1 1 Blind Storyteller x1 1 Dark Return x1 1 Detain x1 1 Excavation Assistant x1 1 Feral Spiteling x1 1 Grenadin Drone x1 1 Heavy Axe x1 1 Initiate of the Sands x1 1 Lock Horns x1 1 Mindfire x1 1 Minotaur Oathkeeper x1 1 Oni Samurai x3 1 Ornamental Daggers x2 1 Peacekeeper's Helm x1 1 Predator's Instinct x1 1 Pyroknight x1 1 Sabotage x1 1 Scorpion x1 1 Shiver x1 1 Snowcrust Yeti x1 1 Snowrager x1 1 Spire Spellsword x1 1 Steadfast Deputy x1 1 Tock Tick x1 1 Young Gun x1 2 Argenport Instigator x1 2 Argenport Stranger x1 2 Bannerman x1 2 Barrel Through x1 2 Bazaar Trickster x1 2 Bear Arms x1 2 Borderlands Waykeeper x1 2 Copperhall Herald x1 2 Curator's Spear x1 2 Devour x1 2 Dissociate x1 2 Encouragement x1 2 Frost Talisman x1 2 Grenarender x1 2 Gruanform x1 2 Heirloom Seeker x1 2 Herald's Song x1 2 Honeypot x1 2 Kosul Diplomat x1 2 Kosul Huntsman x1 2 Lethrai Courtier x1 2 Lethrai Target Caller x1 2 Lightning Storm x1 2 Longshot Marksman x1 2 Lost Scroll x1 2 Master Cartographer x1 2 Minotaur Grunt x1 2 Mob Rule x2 2 Obliviobot x1 2 Packbeast x1 2 Porcelain Mask x1 2 Rakano Stranger x1 2 Read the Stars x1 2 Resolute Monk x2 2 Rockslide x1 2 Snowfort Trumpeter x1 2 Stalwart Silverwing x1 2 Synchronized Strike x1 2 Teacher of Humility x1 2 Treachery x1 2 Twinning Ritual x1 3 Advance Scout x1 3 Amber Acolyte x1 3 Awaken the Ages x1 3 Coronal Umbren x2 3 Dune Painter x1 3 Ebon Dune Smuggler x1 3 Flash Freeze x1 3 Glacier Shaper x1 3 Grandfather's Axe x1 3 Howling Peak Smuggler x1 3 Iron Hook x1 3 Kosul Recruit x1 3 Lazy Firemane x1 3 Lethrai Darkstalker x1 3 Manufacture x1 3 Miner's Canary x1 3 Rabid Yeti x1 3 Sadistic Ritualist x1 3 Scheme x1 3 Shiftstone Processor x1 3 Sporebreath x1 3 Surgeon's Saw x1 3 Treasury Guard x1 3 Trigger-Happy x1 3 Warpainter x1 4 Archive Curator x1 4 Cabal Bludgeoner x1 4 Cabal Recruiter x1 4 Camp Physician x1 4 Consuming Greed x1 4 Copperhall Recruit x1 4 Court Mage x1 4 Cripple x1 4 Graceful Calligrapher x1 4 Hatecleaver x1 4 Holdup x1 4 Imperial Loyalist x1 4 Insatiable Serasaur x1 4 Lethrai Intimidator x1 4 Longhorn Sergeant x1 4 Mass Entomancy x1 4 Overheat x1 4 Pompous Historian x1 4 Primeval Plover x1 4 Reforge x1 4 Sanguine Sword x1 4 Serpent Trainer x1 4 Shield Bash x1 4 Spitfire x1 4 Subvert x2 4 Sudden Schism x1 4 Swift Stranger x1 4 Towertop Patrol x1 4 Valkyrie Militant x2 4 Vile Varmint x1 4 Viper's Bite x1 4 Welding Torch x1 5 Alhed, Mount Breaker x1 5 Gun Down x1 5 Infused Guardian x1 5 Rampart Arbalest x1 5 Shatterglass Mage x1 5 Shingane Forge x1 5 Stonepowder Heretic x1 5 Swindle x2 5 Withering Witch x1 5 Wurmic Chanter x1 6 Aerialist's Khopesh x1 6 Cannonbearer x1 6 Direwood Rampager x1 6 Hellfire Rifle x1 6 Oathkeeper's Hammer x2 6 Pack Hunt x1 6 Sadistic Glee x1 6 Silverwing Purgeleader x1 6 Voyaging Lumen x1 7 Araktodon x1 7 Core Scavenger x1 7 Forgeborn x1 7 Moment of Creation x1 7 Topaz Drake x1 8 Runic Protector x1 8 Tunneling Gargantua x1 Skycrag Banner x1 Token of Instinct x1 Token of Knowledge x2 Xenan Banner x1

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I am new to Eternal and joined the current league to help build up my card collection.The problem is I have no idea what I am doing. I am not very good at deck building and don't really know where to start. I was thinking of going with a 75 card deck and using TPS but that is mostly because all those colors would fit that way, and I got a Time Legendary in my first pack. Is it better to use a 45 card deck? (60 with power) Should I use different colors? What cards are actually good and what isn't worth using? I don't really know what I am doing so any help would be really really appreciated. Thank in advance for your time.

Updated with new cards from todays booster packs. Including a Premium!!! Alhed, Mount Breaker

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League - Chapter 26: Burning Hope
January 1-31, 2019
Kosul burns. From the ashes, the cunning find great opportunity.


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3 2 2 2 2

Power Sources
2 4 4 3 5

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112 42 11 3

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93 22 48 0 5


January 23, 2019

January 3, 2019


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Pikerbocker Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
TPS would be a good choice here. You have decent enough fixing. Try to stay as close to a 45 card deck as possible. Don’t throw in cards just because you have them in those colors.
It is best to fill your market with cards that have specific niches that would otherwise be a dead card. Synchronized strike and withering witch are good market cards for example. Obliviobot too.
If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the choices in TPS, you could just go xenan if you feel more comfortable doing so.
Let me know if you need more help. Good luck!
Kenshin_Akusai Eternal Version: 1.42
First I would like to thank you for taking the time to look through my cards and helping me out. So thank you very much. I couldn't figure out how to keep it at 45 cards doing TPS so I went with TS instead. I am currently looking at:

Be Gone
Dark Return
Excavation Assistant
Initiate of the Sands
Ornamental Daggers
Tock Tick
Curator's Spear
Mob Rule
Porcelain Mask
Resolute Monk
Teacher of Humility
Amber Acolyte
Awaken the Ages
Ebon Dune Smuggler
Surgeon's Saw
Cabal Bludgeoner
Camp Physician
Lethrai Intimidator
Subvert x2
Infused Guardian
Direwood Rampager
Sadistic Glee
Runic Protector
Time Sigil x5
Shadow Sigil x8
Token of Knowledge x2


Predator's Instinct
Lock Horns
Synchronized Strike
Withering Witch

In my market. I'm not sure if I should add 1 more Time Sigil and remove one Shadow Sigil, or if the balance is good since Shadow has more cards than Time. My other question is is there anything that should be in my deck that is in my market or vice versa? Maybe swap Predator's instinct for the Curator's Spear or the Porcelain Mask? Or do you think I would be better off going TPS instead? Thank you in advance for taking your time to help me out again.
Pikerbocker Eternal Version: 1.42
Well if you are going TS then it’s not a good idea to have withering witch in the market. It’s not really a worthy splash card. Add pack beast, remove hatecleaver, and I think ur good
Kenshin_Akusai Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I got some pretty good Time and Shadow cards opening the booster pack. I added them to the deck list. The problem is I can not figure out how to swap cards out to make the deck more cohesive, not have a wonky power curve, and keep it competitive. Now that we have opened some boosters is it acceptable to bump the deck up to 60 cards? Or should I still try and keep it at 45? If I go to 60 should I splash in Primal, or keep it TS? What are your thoughts on cards to add/remove? And I am sorry for all of the questions. I am trying to learn everything as best and fast as I can.
Pikerbocker Eternal Version: 1.42.2
So the only card I like is alhed.. definitely add that. I think adding another curator would be nice as well. And add the banner of course. I don’t see the necessity to expand passed 45 cards yet. It’s better to have a deck that is consistent rather than a bulky deck that may or may not have an answer to more threats. Feel free to experiment a little though!
Kenshin_Akusai Eternal Version: 1.42.2
So I took Lock Horns out of market and put Viper's bite and Pack Hunt in.(I only had 4 cards inmarket prior) and I added Alhed and Curator inplace of Lethrai Intimidator and I am thinking either Cabal Bludgeoner or Infused Guardian to make it an even power swap. Or I can remove either Camp Physician or Runic Protector instead. I'm not sure I have enough weapons to make Cabal Bludgeoner as valuable as he can be and as much as i like having a big 8/8 threat in Runic Protector I wonder if he isn't to high of a cost to keep the deck flowing good. I've also considered taking out curator's Spear instead of one of the units since I only have 1 relic in the deck to give it the +1. What do you think?
Kenshin_Akusai Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I will let you know how it goes.