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Big Rakano Den [Eternal Gauntlet #1]

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2 5

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17 26 17

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1 16 29 4 21

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19 10 21 4 26

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Buried Memories [Set1105]


February 22, 2021

February 15, 2021


Eternal Version
Buried Memories

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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 22, 2021


profmonkeys Eternal Version: 21.02.11
I have been really enjoying this deck for Gauntlet, but it definitely feels like it needs a few tweaks. In particular, Reclaim and Rakano Banner both in the market seems excessive. Swapping one of those for Martyr's Chains has worked out incredibly well for me, but I am not certain which is better to replace. It is common for me to have Martyr's Chains out by turn 7 and it is not rare to drop it on turn 5. That card on the board so early makes any unit into a win condition.

I have only ever pulled Lay Siege out of the market once and that was in a win more scenario, so I suspect that a better option can be found.

Martial Efficiency, Icaria, Valkyrie Captain and Siraf, Grand Strategist all feel a bit weak and seem like the best candidates to swap out for other things. I am very surprised as how good Unseen Commando has felt despite not having much payoff for one of its abilities. Just being a flying, lifesteal unit has made a huge difference in many games.
maxgiao Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Thanks for the feedback!

I like Siraf and Martial Efficiency in the deck but agree on everything else, so i made the changes.
profmonkeys Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Just thinking about this a bit more...the issue I have with Icaria, Siraf and Martial Efficiency is that all of them feel kinda marginal at stabilizing or closing out the game. I feel like the distribution of 3 cards that are focused on ensuring a stable early game but can be useful in the mid to late game, with 4 cards intended to close out the game that can be useful earlier is probably the right balance.
profmonkeys Eternal Version: 21.02.11
I actually feel like 3 Builder's Decree is the right number. If Icaria is replaced with anything, it probably should be another unit.

For now, I am leaving Icaria in and am trying swapping Cleansing Rain into the market in place of Lay Siege and swapping 2 Pyrotech Explosion in for 2 Martial Efficiency to see how they play. They may be worse, but they seem worth a try.

The reason I am not thrilled with Martial Efficiency is that before you have huge amounts of power, it is not really any better than Finest Hour. When you actually have lots of power, it may be effective at neutralizing the opposing board, but it doesn't actually help you close out the game. As such, I feel like there must be better candidates for that slot, I just don't know what they are.
maxgiao Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Lay Siege i found more usable than Cleansing Rain, it can make the reckles elementals block for example, is specialy good against bosses like mindless agression and sudden death, and it deals with permafrost wich is the most common curse.

Pyrotech Explosion is definitely powerful and worth trying in this deck (i don't think i would have as much fun with that version of the deck personaly, but i could see a deck, that is all about getting the explosion from the market as a finisher every game doing very well.)

Martial Efficiency is a card that i've been using in most of my green decks lately, it can do a lot to change the game in your favor even if you only have 4-5 power, in this deck is a bit different since there aren't that many units to be able to use it, but i think its still worth it, since you can neutralize the oponent's board in the late game.
tsultrim Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Looks like a fun deck! The ramp works so well against the AI since they just dump their hand. What would you do for a budget version? Missing like 50K dust for this one...
maxgiao Edited Eternal Version: 21.02.11
I gave it a go: decklist

In terms of legendaries i only left the Marshalls since they are part of the core of the deck and they are a solid card to craft if you enjoy ramp.

Unseen Commando could be replaced by Valkyrie Enforcer or a similar unit.

The deck is super fun.