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So i'm trying to figure out what the best shell is for HotV right now in this Tavrod-centric meta. HotV is probably my favorite card in Eternal and it's powerful enough to make me want to figure out where it should be. While straight Praxis is still fine, it has no real ways to deal with Tavrod, and that isn't something I'm keen on myself.

The first shell I went to was FPT midrange which gains False Prince, Cirso, and Permafrost. None of those really help w/ Tavrod, though Cirso is a step up, it doesn't solve the fact that it dies to all of their removal minus Annihilate, so I moved on from there.

FTS Midrange was next on the list gaining Deathstrike, Dark Return, and to a lesser extent Ayan and Statuary Maiden if one was so inclined. It also gained Banish as a strong option as well. While I think Dark Praxis is fine, it definitely loses a lot of percentage points against Fire aggro decks, which isn't great to begin with since Praxis can sometimes stumble on that front.

This is the current list i'm running to a decent degree of success. It's right around 50% winrate on ladder around 1k Masters MMR. Vanquish is probably the single best card for dealing with Tavrod, with Desert Marshal playing as another way of stopping the big guy from ending the game essentially in one swing. It also does ok against aggro from what i've found. Siraf is a great roadblock as it can't get torched or annihilated and blocks all the way up to the champions and units boosted by Queen to a degree of success. In addition Runehammer and Sword of Icaria give you solid game against Bartholo, and we gain access to Reality Warden and Icaria herself. Ijin is a bit of a fun-of that makes your anemic dorks into size-able threats very quickly, and everything is brought together with the Rise to the Challenge tutor effect. I had originally had Dawnwalkers in the deck but found that there weren't a ton of ways to consistently reanimate them, so they came out. This makes our aggressive draws weaker and closing out the game takes longer as a result of them and Obliterate being cut.

I'd love to get some opinions/suggestions.


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October 23, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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