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HERO of Korovyat Palace

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Hero of the People deck. The goal is to get her an aegis to maximize her survival rate. After that, get her revenge so she can return to you. Remembrance will only cost you 1 power to buff her too.

Long to midrange, Korovyat Palace gives you card draw, unit buff, or if you already have units, berserk.

I chose Hooru Pacifier over Unseen Commando to be more defensive and give me time to ramp up

Deck is performing well so far. I've won some crazy late games because of my ability to draw cards with Wisdom of the Elders, revenge, and Korovyat Palace.

Comments always welcome, let me know what you think!

Took some advice from the comments below to adjust my sigil/power and market, including my merchant. I definitely had to add Adjudicator's Gavel for mirror decks and void control (Feln).

With the Merchant change, I lost 4 sources of Aegis which led me to this HERO of Korovyat Palace - Featuring Bartholo. This is the version of the deck I used to get to Masters.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 2

Power Sources
14 14 12 15

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Deck Rarities
15 25 19 13

Card Types
28 1 22 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


August 17, 2019

August 6, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) August 17, 2019


Demonling Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I would like to thank you for this deck, or at least the base! I made it back to Master.
Agenight Eternal Version: 1.46.9
What kind og changes did you do mate ?
Demonling Eternal Version: 1.46.9
-4 Remembrance -1 Hooru Pacifier - 4 Rime Conclave Smuggler -1 Stonepowder Alchemist -2 Korovyat Palace
+4 Haunting Scream +4 Jennev Merchant +2 Polymorph +1 Harsh Rule +1 Wisdom of Elders

Market : Vision of Austerity / Royal Decree / Poluymorph / Korovyat Palace / Maul

Changed Power base to 4 of all Seats, 1 of each Crests, 2 Primal/Shadow 3 Justice/Cobalt Waystone
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
AWESOME! Congrats my friend!!!
WanYao Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Dies to aggro and is outclassed by midrange. The win conditions seem overly optimistic in such a fast meta.
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Yeah, aggro is 80/20 in aggro's favor. I've not had much issue with mid-range, 70/30 in our favor. I've not found a deck that can cover every other type of deck, but in regards to the Meta, I think it's pretty wide open right now. Feln and Argenport, because of Vara, Vengeance-Seeker, breaks our aegis and causes us issues pretty regularly. Bummer this deck isn't working for you, but thank you for commenting!
WanYao Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Maybe I'm playing the deck wrong? But I can't replicate yours or others' success. The midrange decks I'm against are unfair and snowbally while this deck's game plan seems too linear and fair and easy to stop.

SabretOOth Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Nice deck! Thank you. Just to let you know, I made a version based on your deck and NoBigDeals advice's. You are welcome to try it. It is pretty impressive if you get to 7 power with it.
Thanks again.
Comment Deleted
Comment Deleted
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Awesome! Thanks, I'll take a look!
MetalKitty Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I love the concept of this deck. Played it a few times and, you gotta forgive me for the naive question... What's the game plan if you don't draw Hero early?
Thanks again for the deck, it's a blast to play. ;)
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Korovyat Palace is where you can finish games without Hero of the People. A +4/+4 buff with endurance is always nice. If you get 4+ power creature out after the Palace, it get's an aegis... Inquisitor Makto is pretty sweet with an aegis.
NoBigDeal Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I love this deck!

Been doing really well on the ladder. I've been running it with reweave because that card is nutty in this deck and gives you 8 copies of Hero, also can give her w/e she is missing if you already have her out. And even reweaving makto into makto is pretty hilarious.

I've also been running it with Blight Pass Smuggler, berserk hero is hilarious and you can search aegis with reweave if you need it.

Played it for a day, I'll post my vers with credit to you if I get to masters with it soon :P
Solhawk Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
NICE! Glad to hear it. What did you take out to add in Reweave? Also, what's in your Market?
NoBigDeal Eternal Version: 1.46.9
It was a tough choice for what to take out but I ended up going with Slay. I tossed it in the market to still have access to it, but at the very least it makes Harsh Rule a bit more efficient, which is nice since you can survive until then with all the life steal anyways.

In the market I feel really good about Dark Return, Suffocate, and Slay. I'm also messing around with Hooru Banner (it is a 25 power base afterall, and I adjusted the main power with a full set of crests to speed up Destiny Draws) and for the last spot Strength of the Pack. < Dizo's might be better there but that card has been pretty great doesn't even have to be on Hero you could always toss it on Makto and make 2 8/8 Makto's. Makes me want to mess with mirror image in the main but it's hard to take anything else out.

Oh and I took one Grief out for the 4th Palace in the main. If you want to keep Jennev market though I definitely recommend messing with Ice Bolt, Royal Decree and Oizio, Adaptive Spy. You would probably have to give up maul and the frogs :P.

Anyways it's all experimental for now, we'll see how it goes! Definitely a lot of potential here I think though.
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Oh damn! Oizio, Adaptive Spy and Reweave can be a pretty sick combo! Reweave for Hero, then play Oizio to copy whatever was sacrificed!
NoBigDeal Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Exactly hehe :D he gets around "card's can't leave the void" effects too
OneAntic Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Worth including haunting scream? You could scream a hero and then play a revenge unit to get her back, or play hero and then scream for burst. Too cute?
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
I ran a version of this in Main, but you know, in the Market might work really well. I'm going to test it out.
PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
About to test it! Looks fantastic at a glance!
PandaBroPound Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.9
So I want to bring up cards like
Ripknife Assassin
Haunting Scream
Quicksilver Mirror (market)
Royal Decree (market)
Maybe Gustrider to synergize with Remembrance

Regardless of what you do next, I think the deck is performing well.

It's all working fine. I wouldn't honestly know where to stuff the cards I'm suggesting.
Solhawk Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Thanks for the kind comments! Yeah... choosing which cards was the hardest part, but also the most fun. I'm not 100% happy with my market, but I've won a few matches with Maul in there ;)
PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.46.9
Yeah, I can never find the will to cut maul. But there were times I felt like I could have used a crystallize, a hailstorm, or a permafrost. Some killer units might be good too. Hero gets stupid boss with recursion and killer.