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Rank 1 Master day one. 95% (roughly) win rate. Mono Time!

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Any questions, hit me up.


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Deck Rarities
11 9 12 27

Card Types
48 0 7 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


July 1, 2018


Eternal Version
The Fall of Argenport

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YurickYu Eternal Version: 1.39
I start in eternal 3 days before you put this deck. When i see it i sell almost all my legends to try to make it. Right now i can make it, but i want know if you have any update of this deck. For example: Sea of Teeth instead of Passage of Eons.
Cabeza2000 Eternal Version: 1.36
I am constantly running out of power with this deck.
skinlab133 Eternal Version: 1.36
Do you have an expensive version of this pauper deck?
BashingTwan Eternal Version: 1.36
You can always swap Xenan Initiation for Twilight Hunt and you can make 2 Sigils into monuments. Will cost about 3400 more stones tho, not sure if you want to
hsgroot Eternal Version: 1.36
Afraid not, i'm too broke :c
TheBergund Eternal Version: 1.36
Hi man GG ahaha
hsgroot Eternal Version: 1.36
GluttonyRules Eternal Version: 1.36
Very nice :) congrats on rank 1, I have been climbing with a similar deck, but got a little bored of all the mirrors lol
hsgroot Eternal Version: 1.36
Yeah, i think a lot of the ladder is mono time right now or a counter to it lol.
GluttonyRules Eternal Version: 1.36
Things have changed for now, much more diversity in the field and I am loving it
hsgroot Eternal Version: 1.36
Agreed! People are trying all sorts of things out, it's pretty fun right now. I'm loving hooru ramp/Rakano personally. Fun meta for sure ^^
GluttonyRules Eternal Version: 1.36
Ooo I have been wanting to try them out, you saying this makes me want to even more >:) I have been playing Echo Makto but with Crown of Possibilities instead of the echo guy and it has been a blast
Devaco Eternal Version: 1.36
climbing ladder with a makto deck? using crowns? for ladder? i admit l'm baffled as makto from as far as l can tell isn't a viable option for ladder.
GluttonyRules Eternal Version: 1.36
Viable would be a stretch lol I am at about a 50% win rate in the top 200 with it, but it is definitely not good. Would not use if actually wanted to climb