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Another Howling FTP

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My take on FTP, with a bias toward Skycrag (only 1T influence required).

I built the deck focusing on units that cost 4 to maximize the value when Kaleb recruits them, instead of pulling some low-cost chump. It's worth noting they all have enough health to survive our own Light the Beacon.

I specifically left out Apprentice Mage because I think it's a very vulnerable ramp card in the current meta. Not having a ton of ramp is fine though because the meat of this deck is at 4 power.

I included Longbow, which you don't see in most other FTP decks right now, because it benefits greatly from Kaleb's buff and there are enough big Aegis units being played in other decks it's good to have another option for units that are beyond Heavy Hail's reach.

The power selection looks like a strange mix, but I've tried to tune it so that we have balanced odds for hitting 3F, 2P and 1T, while also giving us the option to play Marks as non-depleted power rather than going more heavily into Seats.

The market selection is based around our different potential matchups: Formbend is to counter relic control decks. Beastly Disruption is to counter Shadow's Feed the Hecaton and Justice board wipes. Heavy Hail for Aegis matchups, and against aggro if we don't draw Light the Beacon. Mirror Image if we don't need any of the other market cards lets us not only clone any units that were buffed by Zuberi, but it lets us create endless Deeptrail Vanguards. As soon as Mirror Image copies a Vanguard, we can pull it back from the void. If we are at 6 power but low on cards we can play two Vanguards a turn and stall the board until we draw into a winning position. Elysian Cylix is there for some extra insurance against power screw.

Note about the sideboard: I had tested Wildfire Keeper in an earlier version of this deck and felt I didn't need it. Ignite, Heavy Hail, Krogar's Grave, and Light the Beacon all help us survive aggro. However, IF you are struggling with your aggro matchups you can swap in 4 copies of Wildfire Keeper and that gives a 3-cost 4/4 blocker that aggro can't remove without trading 2 cards into. To make space I would cut Nomnom & Sashenka down to 3 copies, Longbow down to 3 copies, and Collector Crow down to 2.

Expedition Information

Expedition #29
October 18, 2023
Behemoths of Thera [Set14] Battle Lines [Set15] The Devouring [Set1145] Separate Ways [Set1155] Behemoths of Thera Reprints Battle Lines Expedition Vault Battle Lines Reprints Grand Excursion Save the Day Gareth, Veteran Lantern Colossal Rodent Altin, Bird Whisperer Surveying the Rift Morbid Deal Patrice, Outcast Queen Protective Crow Dran the Farmer Tripwire Trap Coerce Back to Back Nomnom, Epic Epicure Monarch Cloak Citycrusher Gekkota Menace Furious Accusation Aggressive Meeting Bounty Board Finneas and Finneas The True-Sight Map Eris Beastbane One Eye, the Huntress Unlikely Pack Tight-Lipped Ziat's Crackdown Defy Authority Steelwarren Noble Enormous Anura Corrupted Croaker Squash Belief The Hive Falls Invitation Eyes of The Hermit Krogar, Unburdened Rift's Edge Telia, Perfect Timing Altruistic Bonepicker The Beast Slicer Working Together Injustice Seek Refuge Steelwarren Rebel Lystia, Flighty Mistral Sky Race Gareth's Advice Scared Beetender Vara, Decisive Action Svetya, Demand Justice Talir, Looking Forward Eilyn, Battle Ready Queen Corrupted Riftborn Riftbreak Aeda, Heretical Forgemaster Ageless Knight Icy Scrying Listening Bug Marvelous Imperion Master Archivist Mogen, Demagogue Ooze Tower Unstable Hellion Zadia, Fearsome Outcast Zephyrus, Unparalleled Youngblood Guide Cuno, Localized Rewind Camrin's Sniper Rifle Deathless Lurker Led Astray Zora, First Responder Ancient Agreement Sparring Session Conscriptor General Rite of Purification Daisuke the Imposing Shade-Drinker Subdue Veena's Masterpiece Tenacious Heron Veena, Rising Queen First Shipment Fundraiser Sightless Tunneler Friendly Discount Crisis of Faith Akalur, Hecaton's Chosen Akalur's Ravager Lost Traveler Proof of the Journey View All


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Influence Requirements
3 1 2

Power Sources
14 10 13 11

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15 11 28 19

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24 8 19 3 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Devouring [Set1145]


November 12, 2023


Eternal Version
Battle Lines

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spatula5 Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Fun deck and nice writeup! I didn't have all the cards for this, but even my budget version plays pretty well. Thanks!
4177C Eternal Version: 23.11.09
Very original take on FTP good job. I don't have light the beacon or I would steal this. How is it holding up right now?
neonharvest Eternal Version: 23.11.09
It was working exceptionally well yesterday before I posted it. Haven't played it since but I think it's in a really good spot right now since the recent nerfs hurt aggro and aegis decks.