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Prismatic Map [Rank 7 Masters]

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This deck was borne of three basic truths:
1. I love Grixis / FPS control but always feel like I have more answers than questions- IE you can control a game forever and still lose because eventually you topdecks 5 sigils in a row and haven't applied any pressure in 10 turns.

2. I also love 5c Great Rift decks for the power and value they offer but by the time you've controlled the game to a point where you get Riftborn out you're empty handed.

3. True Sight Map is an incredibly fun card, but often leaves you unable to both activate and deploy the card in the same turn.

So if all 3 of the above are true, what do we do about it? With this deck we can control the game using hyper-effecient answers, parley them into a Riftborn, and end the game with 1 cost cards off the back of True Sight Map. If some of the card choices seem suspect it's simply that I only want cards with a single influence pip in their cost so that almost any hand of different marks + sigil is keepable and any card created from the map loses it's influence requirements. Currently rank as of writing this is 26 masters.

Update- List has climbed to rank 7- Thank you to user Grundle for their input!

The gameplan has evolved into a mess of infinite value engines and control pieces that all kind of work together. Market has been added and Strip for Parts is a little loose but helps in the mirror when your Map gets Ruine'd.

Expedition Information

Expedition #29
October 18, 2023
Behemoths of Thera [Set14] Battle Lines [Set15] The Devouring [Set1145] Behemoths of Thera Reprints Battle Lines Expedition Vault Battle Lines Reprints Grand Excursion Save the Day Gareth, Veteran Lantern Colossal Rodent Altin, Bird Whisperer Surveying the Rift Morbid Deal Patrice, Outcast Queen Protective Crow Dran the Farmer Tripwire Trap Coerce Back to Back Nomnom, Epic Epicure Monarch Cloak Citycrusher Gekkota Menace Furious Accusation Aggressive Meeting Bounty Board Finneas and Finneas The True-Sight Map Eris Beastbane One Eye, the Huntress Unlikely Pack Tight-Lipped Ziat's Crackdown Defy Authority Steelwarren Noble Enormous Anura Corrupted Croaker Squash Belief The Hive Falls Invitation Eyes of The Hermit Krogar, Unburdened Rift's Edge Telia, Perfect Timing Altruistic Bonepicker The Beast Slicer Working Together Injustice Seek Refuge Steelwarren Rebel Lystia, Flighty Mistral Sky Race Gareth's Advice Scared Beetender Vara, Decisive Action Svetya, Demand Justice Talir, Looking Forward Eilyn, Battle Ready Queen Corrupted Riftborn Riftbreak Aeda, Heretical Forgemaster Ageless Knight Icy Scrying Listening Bug Marvelous Imperion Master Archivist Mogen, Demagogue Ooze Tower Unstable Hellion Zadia, Fearsome Outcast Zephyrus, Unparalleled Youngblood Guide Cuno, Localized Rewind Camrin's Sniper Rifle Deathless Lurker Led Astray Zora, First Responder Ancient Agreement Sparring Session Conscriptor General Rite of Purification Daisuke the Imposing Shade-Drinker Subdue Veena's Masterpiece Tenacious Heron Veena, Rising Queen First Shipment Fundraiser Sightless Tunneler View All


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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 1 1 1 1

Power Sources
5 5 5 5 5

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Deck Rarities
23 18 16 7 11

Card Types
17 10 26 2 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Devouring [Set1145]


April 20, 2024

April 13, 2024


Eternal Version
Battle Lines

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Revisions (Since last major patch) April 20, 2024



Grundle Eternal Version: 24.05.01
Think we can pull off a throne version?

Maybe scrap map for beacon?
maslovk Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Maybe char -> Urn? It is a nice double-edged sword vs charge aggro AND aegis units.
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I've been testing Urn in the main and market and I think this is the way, updating the list now to reflect the most recent build!
thewamts Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Should probably cut Honey Porter for literally anything else, this deck isn't nearly aggressive enough to justify it.
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
You're right! I liked Porter for the ability to heal, remove small threats, and/or stun for a Fallen Winter swing, but it's just barely too slow on all counts AND dies to 3 damage, so I swapped it for Tenacious Heron as well as swapping the Mistral Spy's for Malevolent Constrictors!
Grundle Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I like it. I came back to talk about heron, but I see you've made it to 7 so I'll just copy this one for now lol
bobbysnow Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Very nice control deck you have made!
Also I really dislike playing vs it on ladder :(
Grundle Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I seem to struggle against feln because of their abundance of aegis. Any tips?
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I have the same feeling- thinking I may swap out the Futility for Feed the Hecaton, although we lack many units to trigger the additional effect. In general do anything you can to survive to a point where you're activating and playing the Map card every turn and then it doesn't matter if you have to spend 2-3 spells to remove a threat, but it is absolutely NOT an easy matchup.
Grundle Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Once I get map or star reader, I just spend spend spend.

Any thoughts on justice mistral? 3/1 can't die to damage. Doesn't help feed, but can block forever. Down side is feln has hard removal in S. Kind of our kryptonite.
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Lystia was a strong consideration if you can find room. Having playtested more I did indeed add 3 Feed as well as some other spot removal and cut the lightning storms after repeatedly being let down by them. Deck is certainly better into the FPS matchup now and overall feels better to navigate early turns not trying to hit 3 colors on 2 for a futility.
Grundle Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I like the changes. Since we're into feed now, what about Siraf? Decent body v agro for 3, feed target, late game advantage with create a unit.
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I like how you think! What are the cuts?
Grundle Eternal Version: 24.03.14
99% you. I can't brew besides janky stuff. I'm a drafter.

-1 each Anni, gambit, tools, winter?

Do we go 4th feed at this point? 10 feed units plus map shenanigans.
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
I appreciate the implication that this isn't some of the stankiest jank on the planet. Going to keep 3 Winter, giving it charge off Rift is just too good in too many spots. Dropped one char as it usually ends up being just a way to pop aegis.
Grundle Edited Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Sounds good to me. I haven't even used charge for winter yet. I'll be doing that tomorrow.

Map was janky enough for me to want to play it. Uber control alone is a snore fest.
Acebroe Eternal Version: 24.03.14
Alright, updated again, we're now rank 13, Siraf helps immensely against aggro as well, being that it dodges 3 damage removal.