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Royal Paladins

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Standard Anointer of the Faithful strategy - cheat out your expensive paladins by bonding them to Hojan, Crownbreaker. With an Anointer on the field Hojan -> power lets you bond Brel for 0.

Regent's Tomb is your only activator for a Hojan on the board so it is frequently correct to keep Hojan in hand to use as part of a bond combo and to play out quarries/treasure troves first.

Copperhall Paladin is not included because this variant does not run weapons to trigger it outside of Anointer/Maiden and Hojan accomplishes the same thing while being a significantly better card.

I'm currently testing to see if I can make Phoenix Hammer feel useful with Quarry to discard it, Brel to make it stronger, and Regent's Tomb and Xo to incidentally play three spells in a turn. If you prefer running good cards feel free to use Starsteel Daisho, Auric Runehammer, or Molten Fist. Edit: Test complete, a 6 power 4/2 is just so bad that it's not even fun :(

Next test: seeing if the Paladin tag makes Reyna, the Unwavering good enough to be worth crafting. Edit: It's not a bad card, it just doesn't do enough in most match ups. It is immune to all of Haunted Highway's removal though.

Market change: Oni Quartermaster has a very high ceiling when combined with Anointer of the Faithful or Statuary Maiden but this deck does not run enough cheap paladins or produce enough cudgels to justify the market slot (look at my other paladin decks if you like Quartermaster). I've had a lot of trouble with everyone playing Martyr's Chains ramp and Plate on a smuggler allows you to punish their lack of interaction and hopefully beat their face into the ground before they get a collection of 256/256 owls.

Market change round 2: Vanquisher's Blade helps deal with reanimator and Talir combo and isn't a dead card against non recursion strategies. I subbed Martyr's Chains in for Smuggler's Stash when I went down to 3 relic weapons (I don't always post minor revisions to EWC) and was trying to hit rank 1. Stash is a lot more fun and neither of them end up being pulled very often. Edit: after playing with Chains a bit more it rarely works out, this deck really wants to win via early tempo plays (tombs, bonded paladins) and frequently lacks units on board and power in hand in games that go long.


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4 2 2

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13 15 12 15

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8 21 26 15

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26 5 20 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 3, 2019

January 22, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 3, 2019


abby315 Eternal Version:
Currently running with a slightly budget version - was missing 2x Tomb, 1x Xo and 1x Fist, so I just upped Defiance and Runehammer numbers to make a better early game to substitute for a worse midgame, and swapped Fist for Diasho. It's doing amazing so far, and 3x Runehammer feels great (especially when it's a 6/3 for enemy Xo)! Thanks for the fun list!!
Scarecrow9black Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I love the concept of this deck as I have always been a fan of paladins. I feel like it may be better to run warhelms in the main deck as an option to activate Hojin as well as your smuggler. I also only have 2 Brel so I am considering 2 oathbreakers instead. What are your thoughts?
Knifebloom Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Main deck Warhelm does not fit this deck at all, both thematically and for its win conditions. Warhelm works with aggressive decks for pushing face damage, is incredibly efficient if you have sufficient card draw, and creates insane value with Highland Sharpshooter. We're not running Sharpshooter, aggressive kills usually require the double damage from the smuggler anyway, and the only time we're swimming in cards is against Nightfall decks. The real reason Warhelm justifies its market position is that it kills sites (notably a turn 4 Regent's Tomb that casts Sabotage) and is a great way to find lethal.

I would recommend running 1 Brel in the market instead of Stash or Plate. This allows you to fulfill the primary goal of the deck - playing Brel in as many games as possible. You can use the extra slots to add in more copies of your strong cards such as Torch, Maiden, and relic weapons, or play some Dark Returns and lean into recurring a Brel with Bond. For more paladins I would recommend Copperhall Paladin, which would synergize with Ornate Katana as a Hojan activator. Oathbreaker is just too low impact, I would actually run (and have before) Order of the Spire if I was willing to run a paladin that doesn't accomplish anything if it eats slow speed removal.

Side note about Ornate Katana, you can use it for free on your bond target and turning Anointer into a 3/3 lifesteal makes it an actual threat. I have a Paladin deck in the works that leans into this weapon synergy, doesn't run Brel, and features Anointer of the Faithful and Martyr's Chains in the market that I have not posted yet because it's significantly worse at actually winning games.
Scarecrow9black Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Thanks for the suggestions! I was definitely playing the deck wrong. This is more of a combo/control style deck that can push damage with the right combo. I crafted the regents tombs, moved my brel to the market and upped the count of a few cards and it ran great! Got brel out on turn 6 (cuz I couldn't count right on turn 5) and it was an awesome feeling.
chalupabatman Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
This deck is amazing. I'm in platinum 3, won 6 games in a row so far. Fun idea with Brol. Great card in this deck.
ArrowofKira22 Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Bonding Brel to the board is a sweet idea, keep up your work :))
Back2Basics Eternal Version: 1.42.3
What is the ideal starting hand that we would want here?
Knifebloom Edited Eternal Version: 1.42.3
The dream scenario is turn 2 Anointer, turn 3 Hojan + Brel. Realistically what you're looking for is power to be able to hit 3FJS and something to play early game. Hojan is always good and Anointer is great if you have a Brel or Warden to give bond as you can usually get value out of it later in the game and happily let the Anointer eat a torch. Quarry and Treasure Trove leave you with a high probability of being able to play something for two power.
Back2Basics Eternal Version: 1.42.3
You just convinced me to spend 40k shiftstone and try to pilot this next chapter to master 😂
Rokoku Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Gross! >.<