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4 faction unitless (Top 20)

Expedition Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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This is a more competitive version of 5 faction beacon and what makes it more competitive for the most part is removing Beacon (and fire as faction). I took this one from diamond 2 to master with an 18:5 score. The deck is great at beating Sling (4:1), but also solid against everything else (especially aggro, if you dont keep to greedy hands).The deck is also surprisingly budget friendly as long as you already have the campaigns for it (you need Shadow of the Spire because Menace is an important win-condition and I would advise on getting Bastion Rising because Send an Agent is way better than Annihilate, but you dont have to get Awakenening because you can replace Dazzle with something like 1 more From Aguish and 1 more Display of Purpose). The most expensive part are the 12 Cylixes, but you should try to craft/get all Cylixes over time regardless. Your gameplan is to react to the things your opponent does for the most part, while you draw cards to find the right answer and keep up/run away in terms of card advantage with Sorcerers Wand. Your winconditions depend on the matchup, but the most important are usually Greatsword, Menace or just pure attrition.
Against aggro you want early interaction like Defiance, Send an Agent and sometimes boardwipes (Transpose into Malediction, Shen-Ra Speaks). From Anguish helps to kill the few bigger threats in the mid game (Prism Golem, Siege Train). Your wincondition here is usually attrition in combination with Greatsword. Try to stabilise at a solid amount of health, but dont to be to afraid to exchange health for better plays to a certain point (I won most games against aggro with 5 health or lower, so every decision matters and a small mistake can be enough to lose). Transpose for Menace can also help in some games, because some aggro decks run a lot of cheap spells and 3 or 4 health can be enough to get you out of range. Holding up fast answers is also important to counter charge units like Milos, Rebel Bomber(Send an Agent, Defiance, Just Desserts, Display of Purpose) or burn like Jekk, Mercenary Hunter or Flash Fire(Just Desserts, Transpose, Display of Vision into active Cobalt Waystone, Dazzel for spells).
Against midrange (mainly FTP Sling of the Chi and a wild mix of Strangers, Elysian and some Argenport based decks) you can be even more relaxed in the early game and fix your influence. You have a bunch of efficient removal that usually costs less than the units you remove, so you can use the rest of the mana to draw cards and find the game deciding cards (usually Wand, Greatsword and against Sling Relic Removal. Transpose is also really important to protect you relics, pierce through Aegis and get flexibillity with your market cards). Try to use your removal on the best targets, if possible (e.g. save fast removal for Touvon, Skybreak Giant against FTP Sling and use slow removal for the other units instead). Removing Sling is great, but not necessary to win. The way to win is usually Greatsword and a ton of removal (while Wand provides you with card draw) or lurring out Transposes/them not keeping up 1 mana and then Transpose into Menace later into the game.
The mirror match takes a lot of time and most of the deck doesnt really matter there. The wincons are Broker for Menace (they way to counter that is keeping all Trasposes and Just Desserts and Display of Vision for Waystone), Greatsword (optimally you wait until your opponent plays a Greatsword to go plus 1 in the Greatsword battle. If you see more Greatsword decks it might be correct to play 3 Sword and 1 Wand instead. Burglarize is your only other Greatsword out, so keep it for Sword and use the other relic removal for stuff like Beacon of the Reach or Wand). Drawing cards (especially with repeatable card draw like Wand), playing power every turn and trying to assemble your wincon while keeping answers for the opponents is key here.
The market is made to be as flexible as possible. You have a simple removal spell that can be used on pretty much everything (Deathstrike), a flexible relic answer, even for Greatsword (Burglarize), a small boardclear against aggro/shrine decks (Malediction) and a wincon against slower decks (Broker into Menace). You can also Broker for one of the 23 spells if you play against a matchup were you need 1 of the 3 different things they provide more than once.
Good luck and have fun!

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2 2 2

Power Sources
12 8 9 11 15

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Deck Rarities
18 32 28 2

Card Types
2 4 49 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]


November 8, 2020


Eternal Version
Bastion Rising

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htraos Edited Eternal Version: 20.11.06
It's interesting that you choose not to play Desert Alchemist. Is this to blank the opponent's fast removal, creating virtual card advantage that way?
I'm skeptical of From Anguish. It's good vs. Sling decks, but against anything else you'll be hard-pressed to find a valid target. I think Annihilate has more reach overall.
In this relic-heavy meta I could see myself playing From Below too, as it's useful even after transmuted... a multi-colored 4/8 unit is very difficult to remove; it also walls an opposing Greatsword, almost no other playable unit in expedition does that.
One last thing: has Display of Purpose been good?
LordPerth Eternal Version: 20.11.06
Desert Alchemist is an option (also as mirror breaker, because it can prevent your Greatsword from getting destroyed by an opponents Greatsword), but the thing about units in this kind of deck is, that they are basically card draw for any opponent that plays removal (not that much for Desert Alchemist, because he usually acts as a removal spell, but definitely true for From Below). The reason for that is that without any units you make every removal spell in your opponents deck completly worthless, but the moment you play something like the unit from From Below, part of those cards have value again and you pretty much gave your opponent a card that they havent had before. This holds especially true into Sling decks. The deck also already has enough relic hate to not need From Below for that part.
I dont think replacing From Anguish with Annihilate is a good idea, at least right now. Even non-sling decks usually have enough targets for it to be good (Strangers have Grodov, Shrine has Burglar and aggro has Prism Golem and Siege Train. Most midrange decks also have some fatties like SST, Impending Doom or Ubsat). The other reason is flexibillity: Annihilate can only target the units that Send an Agent can already kill, but you lose the option to kill big multifaction/neutral units proactively if you cut From Anguish (which is admittely niche, but I have seen enough Cirsos, Prism Golems and Strange Burglars to warrant it). Mana flexibillity is also important, meaning that control decks, especially ones like this, were you often have to play depleted power early one to get your influence in, like to have removal at different costs to make the curve more flexible. Annihilate would overload the 2 cost removal spot (10-12 cards), while the 1 cost removal slot gets reduced to just 4 cards. If Sling and big midrange decks as a whole get less popular, Id rather think about playing Permafrost, From Elements or Suffocate in that spot, depending on which kind of decks dominate (Perma is good against midrange, especially shadow heavy; From Elements is good against aggro, especially MonoF/Skycragg and Suffocate is good against both and the most clean answer to Rolant an Elysian Mid).
Display of Purpose was really solid so far, but if Shrine, Sling and Beacon become less popular, which would lead to the relic hate effect becoming less valuable, you could replace it with Battle at the Gates, Annihilate or more Just Desserts, because they are better as unit removal.
b1naryw0rld Eternal Version: 20.11.06
Oh no, I am too late to tell you that I am having a blast with the 5 color version that has Beacon. I was control-sober for about a year, but I am back to inflicting slow death on my opponents using the draft chaff created by Beacon of the Reach. Very well done! And I totally believe that this new deck is competitive.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 20.11.06
Thanks, the beacon variant is definitely more fun and I am glad that people enjoy it.