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Icaria's Feast - Masters

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I really just wanted to play a deck with Jotun Feast-Caller and Torch, so I threw this together this morning. I ended up having pretty amazing results, rocketing through diamond 1 to masters in no time.

Deck felt pretty great, felt like it had good matchups all around. Time based midrange, especially with Dawnwalker, are your worst matchup for sure, but that's pretty normal for Icaria blue. This list in particular has no silence effects which makes it pretty hard to fight through dawnwalker recursion, but besides that it's got game.

Feast caller might just be my new favorite card to draw after an Icaria attack! Give it a try!


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3 3 3

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13 14 15 16

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14 26 16 9

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9 5 35 0 26

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


May 14, 2018


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JTJag Eternal Version: 1.31.6
I've played this a bit and I quite like it. Icaria and Jotun Feast-Caller have a nice synergy, if you can get then both on the field the same time Icaria's warcry is applied first and then the Feast-Caller draws, so you almost invariably draw into what Icaria buffed. It makes this deck's endgame even more dangerous.
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.31.6
glad you enjoyed the deck. Having something with Aegis to warcry onto is a nice synergy too.