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Gauntlet Gold Grinder - Mono Fire Oni - Post Market Nerf

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** UPDATED 3/10/2020 - Updated deck and market to adhere to the new black market rules. If you have different or better ideas, let me know in the comments. **

** UPDATED 2/19/2020 - Based on some suggestions from the comments, I have updated the list to something that I like much more and runs much more smoothly. Be careful if you're used to passing the turn quickly or immediately playing a power on your turn! The new Seal of Devotion's warp ability sometimes takes a second to register. The sideboard now has a few budget substitutions when you don't have a playset of mythics. It also has some Market options if you run into situations you don't think the current market can handle.

Click here if you want a low budget deck and here for a medium budget deck to start from and build up.**

Never and I mean NEVER keep a one power hand, no matter how gas it seems. You will never draw more power and you will lose.

Always grab the 4th land with Ixtun Merchant if you have no more in hand.

Otherwise, always grab Kyojun.

If you're against an aggro deck, always grab Cozin and pump it with Shugo Tactic or a weapon to get a 4/4 flyer.

If you're against mono-spot-removal decks, hold out as long as possible to gain power and then dump your hand all at once to overwhelm their removal.

If you're against Justice board wipe decks, never ever dump your entire hand. They almost always have two board wipes in a row once they hit 5 power.

Always ALWAYS play Akko first turn on the play or draw, except for: On the draw against Night decks that have Vara's Favor or the Fire decks that have units that ping upon ETB. Otherwise, go all in with weapons on Akko and pump your Onis with his ability as fast as possible.

Bladekins are ESSENTIAL to winning against Time decks. You have to get these out as fast as possible and all the weapons and pump go on them to increase their size before they get out their 5/6 or the Killer Dinosaurs.

Against Justice flyers, you have to mulligan to hit removal. You simply can't do much on the ground and they won't typically block with them. Also, you have to kill them or go as wide as possible before their stupid 4/8 cranks out more flyers to flood the board.

If you are having a rough go in the middle of an early (first 2 or 3) match, where you have no outs and are just chump blocking drawing power cards, just concede and start a new run. There's no point in wasting time when there's little chance of recovery. It takes literally 10 minutes to get back to the 4th round with this deck.

Against boss decks, you must mulligan to try and hit one drops. This is especially important on the draw. Most boss decks synergize with their match stipulations and will win easily without a board presence.

I don't think it's needed, as this deck is a really easy aggro deck to play and win with, but I can run through a few Gauntlet runs with it on YT if it's needed. The biggest thing to learn is how to play around the various strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the AI decks and play style. That only comes with experience.

Thoughts on Breath of Voprex over Torch? The AI ALWAYS takes the 5 damage so I'm wondering what your findings are with this if you tried swapping it in.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 9, 2020

January 23, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 9, 2020


Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.5
I put this together, it's been good and fun.

Things I changed:

I swapped sears in for chars, Kazuos in for the patrols, took out 1 scepter and added a kalebs persuader instead, and finally cut 1 torch for a ghodan.

The ghodan and persuader, I had them and they both just seemed like they would fit really well, the sears were just cause I felt the extra dmg would be worth the 1 cost increase, and the kazuos seemed like the option to invoke was better than sometimes +1/+1. All that costs a bit more powerwise but persuader can help w power, and jishu can search it up.

I also run 3 seal of devotion over 3 fire sigil, I'm not sure what number of these is correct, but I am pretty sure that you 100% want some of these in there over fire sigils, I started w 3 to try, they have been much better than not having any at all, but again I need some more playtime before I have a better idea how many I should be running.
LeeSalt Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Thanks for bringing these card ideas up. I'll look into messing around with them. Hadn't even seen the Seals before. I mostly play Gauntlet and Forge and don't get exposed to popular cards in the comp meta. I'm going to try for seals and switching out the chars. I tried Ghodan for a while but by the time you get 5 power, you should already be winning.
Furious_George Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.5
It's funny you mention that, because just now having finally drawn it a few times that's been my exact experience with him too, so probably moving him back out, too bad, he looked like he would be good

Seals are def a thing, but again its tricky to figure out how many, 1 seems like a must include, 4 might be too many, I need more play to decide.

For the other cards, the one persuader has been fantastic, it's great on anything, but you really are winning with it on the kyojun and having it hit twice. Having the jishus tutor for it really helps a single copy show up all the time.

And I love the kazuos, sometimes you never find the time to spend 4 power on the extra card, and you just trade it off or whatever, but when you do use them it feels like some really strong value, plus they are just a lot of fun too

So yeah, don't recommend ghodan, but persuader should be in here, very strong, whatever you have to cut get at least 1 in, 1 might be enough tho since it costs 4 and if you start connecting w one you are probably winning and aren't trying to get a 2nd going.

Seals, again big yes, figure out how many work for you, but get 1 in at least, and love when you warp in a free and crucial power drop. But especially if you aren't used to having warp cards in your deck, you have to be super careful to keep an eye out for them to show up, otherwise it's super easy to just play your power for the turn too quickly and miss when the seal shows up, and it's such a super bad feeling when you make that mistake and know you are stuck drawing power next turn when you should have been a card deeper instead, so heads up with that, I have seals in every mono color deck I make and i still screw this up too much

And kazuos, also a hit, you won't ever onslaught them to 3/2, but getting the invoke when you can feels like it's a much bigger impact than the small stat increase
Furious_George Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.5
So yeah thanks again I've enjoyed the list and summing up the changes I really liked, and would recommend for now

-1 Shogun's Scepter +1 Kaleb's Persuader
-(1-4) Fire Sigil +(1-4) Seal of Devotion
-4 Oni Patrol +4 Kazuo, Melee Virtuoso

Is what I'm really happy with, as long as you have the cards available, or are rich or whatever!

I had the one persuader, I crafted it to try somewhere else, but it ends up in a lot of my red decks, it's real good.

And the kazuos, I don't even have 1 of every new rare yet, but I kept opening kazuos and I've been very happy about that, the other rare I seem to attract was Master's Blade , which I kept opening in every forge I did until I hit master, that's another new rare that I was very very happy to get an early set of! they buff a guy, kill something and then mastery to an invoke! What a package! I digress

But yeah love the kazuos and they fit perfectly here, cheers
LeeSalt Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Thanks to your input, I updated the deck to something I like much better. I tried 4 Seals but the amount of times I had to mulligan because I had multiple in my opening hand was way too high. I cut it to 3 and like it much better. Sears turned into Chars and I also cut a Shugo Standard to reduce the number of depleted power. Oh, and I bought a Persuader in for one of the Scepters. I kick myself because I actually had one and dusted it without realizing how good it could be in this deck. Thanks again and take care.
Furious_George Eternal Version: 1.50.6

im so glad you liked the changes, i had fun with the deck and ill prob be using it to gauntlet a lot, so its cool to be able to help work on and improve things.

i def felt like the persuader was a HUGE positive change, it just crushes almost every game i cast it in, and being able to search for it makes the 1 copy feel like 5. and the seals are also a total gimme, at whatever number of them seems to be correct, 2-3 is probably a good number, when they work out and you warp the land drop it just feels like almost cheating. i like that you mentioned you need to watch out for it, its easy to click through and miss it if you arent used to warp land.

try out kazuo too if you get a chance! and thanks for posting the deck in the first place, like i said ive had fun with it.
Reyemile Eternal Version: 1.50.2
Not playing Seal of Devotion seems like a huge mistake in this deck. Free card draw is free.
LeeSalt Eternal Version: 1.50.5
I appreciate you bringing this card to my attention. I don't follow every release, I just play mostly casually and single player, hence why I grind Forge and Gauntlet and build decks for it.
Comment Deleted
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Cool to see mono f used in a gauntlet setting.

Ive made some sick gauntlet decks too, great way to get some gold for drafting, and good for the impatient among us!
VoidKing Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I'd like your opinion on this deck, biologynut. Have you tried this? It seems like it could be good, but aggro decks are very inconsistent against the gauntlet in my experience (stonescar was pretty good), but it's just one bad draw away from having no chance vs. any given match. It does seem very fast, which may end up being a positive trade-off, but was just curious what you thought, since I trust your opinion of Gauntlet decks. Would just try it myself, but I need all 4 Kyujins and all 4 Akkos.
biologynut99 Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.2
I can't give a full lo review as I lack the burnish brush and kyujins.

It wouldn't be fair for me to judge the deck without them, and with the new set out in a few days I'm not spending shiftstone to get those cards.

I keep forgetting, I think we should pick another one of Roxie's old Gauntlet decks to work on. She and I worked hard to make them really good and she doesn't play anymore it seems.

Take a look at this one i think there is a lot of room for improvement (as I'm not a fan of Ozio, and am unsure about the stewards and a few others) but its a solid base for a deck thats for sure.

The deck will be unlisted until we can improve it a bit, so see what we can do about getting rid of ozio for starters, and i think stewards can go too.

I look forward to your input as well.

P.S. When the new set is out we should try to make some from-scratch brews together.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.50.2
Heck yeah, man. I'm down for that.
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.49.3
>If you are having a rough go in the first couple of matches, just retire and start a new run.

sto650 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
He clearly fixed the wording as of my reading of this post.
Comment Deleted
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Yeah, I get that. It still makes no logical sense to quit in the middle of a run.
Comment Deleted
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.49.3
You-"I don't mean quit out of a run in between matches. That would be dumb."

Also you - "If you are having a rough go in the first couple of matches, just retire and start a new run."
Comment Deleted
Ravager Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
So maybe stop trying to justify your poor wording?

>There's nothing not to get

This is not clarifying poor wording, it's doubling-down on poor wording and insisting that you're not wrong.

The only prick here is the one throwing insults and being defensive.
ching Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I guess he means, that if you are having a tough match Within the first few matches
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I dont get it either...
Makash Eternal Version: 1.49.3
<3 Mono Fire