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Rakano Masters Gauntlet Grinder

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My current go-to gauntlet grinder. I am sitting at 39-2 with this deck. Inspired from MiamMiam's deck:

+3 Ornate Katana - to help with card flow.
-2 Rilgon's Disciple - because I have noticed he really only comes in handy later in the game, especially with a minimal amount of spells to play with him. He is a good closer and that is about it. Champions and Outlaws are the bread and butter of this deck and put in the most work.
-4 Kosul Battlemage/+4 Unseen Commando - again, I found kosul to lack in the 3 drop slot for an aggro deck as he is too situational. Unseen Commando fits the slot much better as he combines with Champion and Outlaw nicely plus flying is a better evasion than aegis in gauntlet.
-1 Inquisitor's Blade - I just felt 4 of these were too much seeing as they have a built in revenge function.
-4 Battleblur Centaur - not a good fit for this deck. He can hold weapons nicely, but so can every other unit here. He is replaced with..
+2 Navani, Warsinger/+2 Deepforged Plate - these cards do work. Navani + Inquisitor's Blade and/or Shogun's Scepter can make crazy things happen. And Plate is good on anything at anytime..
I also reworked the powerbase a little bit. Added in 2 crests in place of 2 standards.

Other things I am testing out:
- Seeing if a market would benefit the deck at all but most likely not.
- Possibly adding Hammer of Might to make Navani even more lethal. Something like 2 of each: Katana, Inquisitor's, Hammer. I like the results of this so far.
- Swapping out 2 vanquish for 2 Vanquisher's Blade. This too.

More to come..

- Decided on a couple changes.. biggest change is thanks to the release of Into Shadow.. the inclusion of Arms Enthusiast. This card does wonders for this deck. I am still testing it out but so far it has ended games more consistently than Navani did in the same spot. I'm pretty sure it is here to stay for Gauntlet Grind Rakano Aggro. And being a gunslinger itself, I can see some other transitions towards gunslinger synergy coming..
- I also added back 1 Disciple because a Disciple with berserk, weapon, and double damage triggered by finest hour is a win.


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2 2

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17 17 10 3

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19 18 25 2

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25 13 10 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


October 11, 2018

September 30, 2018


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Into Shadow

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iSeidl Eternal Version: 1.40
Hi! Why Navani way removed?
Pikerbocker Eternal Version: 1.40
It’s really just a preference between navani and arms enthusiast.. arms enthusiast can end games quickly and navani makes the later game better.. I haven’t touched this deck since the vara campaign first released though..