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SooNo's decklist (Top 8)

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Influence Requirements
2 5

Power Sources
16 26 16

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Deck Rarities
11 24 23 14

Card Types
30 1 22 1 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


January 26, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.49 - Promises by Firelight

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svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.50.1
How often do you get to play Tasbu on curve? Shiftstoned tells me its 54% which is way too low for my liking. I've cut him down to only 2 copies and am running 2 bandit queens instead which randomly win games and probably enrage opponents who think it is a slower list.
SooNo Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.1
Lol the queen is ok the unit count for before 4 is low for me for queen but like eclipse dragon is what I'd see as an instead of but either way tasbu on curve hasent been a problem to me when I played it to where I'd change it and I know the shiftstone thing doesnt count certain power searches so it might not be counting the rysta and favors just something to look out for. But tasbu brings much more to the table then either of those and is our harsh rule protection so to say, if I were to change tasbu I wouldnt bother with rysta and you could make the deck more aggressive or swap to a different late game plan.
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Whats the thinking re: Warleader VS Ripknife assassin?

Warleader can become huge and give bigger +, but it must survive and hit the enemy,
Ripknife must attack (not hit), and doesn't need to survive to inspire, but gives a deadly unit late game which is better than warleader in late game.
SooNo Edited Eternal Version: 1.49.3
RIP knife lives through less, it can attack for free but the pay off is potentially far less, if we go "ah but it warcrys and keeps attacking in" then the same gets said for warleader and it ends up killing your opp if unchecked 13 turns ahead of a rip knife. if warleader doesnt connect it's because opp killed it which they would kill rip knife also and before it attacks so both units have done the same thing, deadly does allows for potential trade ups but only if your opp is willing if not they take 2 wait for the torch or a silence effect now you have a 2/2 or no dude, warleader demands the torch otherwise it cant be same with say enforcer they have to be on the play in addition to having it otherwise they give you a 3/4 that can keep swinging where ripknife just sit. now warcry vs warleaders ability, warcry will hit the top unit until its drawn so making 1 huge dude or if you keep ripping one after the other let's say 3 dudes with +1+1, now we gave rip knife these free dude warleaders turn, so rip giving 3 dudes +1+1 means it attacked successful 3 times, so warleader does the same the guys drawn go from 1st dude +1+1, 2and +2+2, 3rd+3+3..... no more explanation needed I think, another thing rip doesnt do that warleader does is keep going when locked down, so say perma on them, rip has to attack to keep going, warleader gets in once they perma it keeps giving... the only thing rip does better then leader is trade up in the dark and that's only if you're opp allows for it.