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The Colour of Christmas is Red

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Eternal Titans


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Hey guys,

It's been a while since I posted a deck and since Christmas is the time of giving I'll bring you a sweet deck brewed in a rage induced delirium after constantly getting outvalued by Howling Peak. Here's what you need to play to spread around some merry Christmas spirit to the ladder. I went 15-1 against Howling Peak decks with this and holding a solid 75% winrate vs all things in ladder.

Working title for the deck was "I don't give a f... about your Howling Peak" and that still rings true. You really don't care. You don't care about their Avigrafts, you don't care about Harsh rules and you most certainly dont care about Howling Peak. You only ever so slightly care about Hailstorms but I've won games where my opp have 2x Hailstorms + Torches by turn 5 and they still lose to burn that's about to follow. Don't expect to beat decks that play 2/3 drops with Lifesteal. That's all. Bigger Lifesteal you can beat with Factory Quota. Something like Rizahn is not really an issue.

Oh I forgot, you also get to play a sweet new janky card in Bladerang. It's not very good (it's the worst card in the deck), but the deck is still good enough with it in it so I'm happy. If you don't have Bladerangs you can replace it with a random card of your liking and still choke the reactive control players with their Christmas sock.

So all in all, here's my Christmas present to the Eternal ladder. Bring that fire up the chimney. If you're looking for more (and better) Eternal related content you can also check the website of my team, Eternal Titans.

With warm Christmas thoughts,



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December 23, 2018


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martyvburen Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
This takes some getting used to. I lost a game against Howling Mine that, looking back, I had won, but paid too much attention to the Site and didn't attack face. I still got him down to 1. It's so weird to just ignore such a powerful thing on the board, but that's exactly how this deck wins against Howling Mine.

Also, Signal Flare is a cute addition instead of Bladerang. I'll have to try Factory Quota though.
Zado Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
Did anyone make some footage of this deck beeing played? I know the maker can't do it
flippyflop Edited Eternal Version: 1.42
you can assign yourself to a team in the settings tab by the way
Japser Eternal Version: 1.42
I put in Factory Quota maindeck over Bladerang because I want to punish players playing low unit counts, and because lifesteal is everywhere.
Blackhaven Eternal Version: 1.42
No double damage Maul, I am disappoint
SilentNSly Eternal Version: 1.42
Merry Christmas!
Schu4481 Eternal Version: 1.42
So well done. So much fun to just screw with people. Haven’t lost to a peaks deck yet and still reasonable against everything else. A plus on the good bad deck brew.
rrbbTT Eternal Version: 1.42
If I wasn't clear enough in the information Bladerang is a bad card, but it's incredibly fun. You can easily play this deck with anything you like instead if you don't want to throw shiftstone at Bladerangs.
Doomfarer Eternal Version: 1.42
Very fun deck! Any suggestions what to put in instead of Bladerangs? They seldom give any value to me. Tried switching out one of them for a Longbarrel which has worked ok so far.
Rainhall Eternal Version: 1.42
Why is Bladerang better maindeck than Jawbone Greatsword would be?
bassoonbuffoon Eternal Version: 1.42
the double damage on bladearang gives all those burn spells in the deck double damage as well