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Lynax Blue

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EDIT: With the nerf to Cylixes and Heavy Artillery, this deck no longer works. Was fun while it lasted!

This deck is filled to the brim with synergy. At it's core is the traditional Lynax, Moltenwing + Heavy Artillery package. But on top of that we dive heavily into Fate and Warp.

The Stars of the Show

Second Sight - This beast of a card is perfect for this deck. Frequently Second Sight will put Flamepack Incinerator back on top of the deck to draw 3 cards for 2 power with its fate effect. Mid game it can also put cards with Valkyrie warp back on top of the deck, which you will then immediately warp, which makes this another draw 3 for 2 power.

Watchwing Support - Another powerhouse. Worst case scenario this buffs the top Valkyrie or Weapon of your deck for two mana. But from there on, everytime we play Permafrost, Heavy Artillery, another Watchwing Support, Patroller's Glaive, or ... Martial Efficiency? That's right!

Martial Efficiency - This card is extremely powerful all on it's own, but even moreso: each amplify is an attachment, so each -1 curse counts towards Watchwing Support's bonuses.

Lord Steyer's Tower - Warping this card usually wins the game: Choose Steyer's Beckoning, then click the site to choose Curfew Enforcement. Be careful greedily exhausting too many valkyrie for the additional -1, as it is sometimes better to leave blockers up to chump for the site.


Your early goal is to get to four power with Valkyrie(s) on the field. I'm not always excited to play Stalwart Silverwing, but it discourages removal, which is important because it's critical for us to keep at least one Valkyrie on the battlefield. Stalwart Silverwing is also a great target for Watching Support's buffs.

Mid-game we want to use Know When to Hold 'em which almost exclusively draws Flamepack Incinerator once we have a Valkyrie on the field. Then we want to hit our power drops while applying threats and drawing cards by juggling Flamepack back on top of the deck with Second Sight. If you manage to warp a Heavy Artillery with Lynax on the board, you'll win the game on the spot. Warping a buffed Heavy Artillery also typically wins on the spot.

Late game (turn 6+) if we haven't buried the opponent in threats or killed them in the air, this is the time to place cards like Steyer's Tower or Heavy Artillery back on top of the deck with Second Sight, then immediately warp it back onto the field. This generates immense advantage and usually closes out the game.

Scary opponents

The Speaking Circle - This card prevents or even kills our Lord Steyer's Tower, and often creates strong removal for our opponent for two turns. I've been using Deheen Blitz to kill this with a charging flyer, but overall I'm not thrilled with Deheen's results.

Rolant, Iron Tyrant - Kill this immediately. You might be able to permafrost the Silverblade Reapers for turn or two to kill them in the air, but you will NOT be able to out-value Rolant in a long game. Aim to warp a Heavy Artillery at him, or market for polymorph as soon as possible.

Suffocate - If Lynax is the first threat you put in the board, expect her to die to suffocate the very next turn.

Other Card Choices

Oni Hybrid - This guy wants to be drawing weapons from your void that were buffed from Watchwing Support or amplified like Patroller's Glaive

Savior of the Meek - If I was up against quick aggro, I'd increase the count of these, but with the current field of opposition, this is more of a "fun-of."


I think the market could use a re-work, or even to change it back to a green market as I had it initially. Not having Turn to Seed makes our lives harder.

Swift Refusal - Grab this if you smell your opponent is playing an amplify combo deck. Usually their combo finisher is Pyrotech Explosion, which is vulnerable to this negate effect.

Corrosive Dagger - This card is here to grab with Deheen Blitz. Perhaps it should be a larger weapon, but being able to grab the weapon and play it the turn after we play Deheen is pretty powerful.

Rain of Frogs - In theory, you play this to kill The Speaking Circle or Rolant, Iron Tyrant before they're even played. Or use it after the opponent goes into their market for a combo piece.

Closing Thoughts

I think the deck could use some more tuning, and the powerbase is not perfect, but it's hard to beat 8 Cylixes, and Hooru Painting is great for making sure we can hit our two drops, to get the Warp train rolling, or get Watching Support into play.

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February 7, 2021

January 26, 2021


Eternal Version
Empire of Glass

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RoninX Eternal Version: 21.01.13
There is some clever stuff going on here, but Second Site + Incinerator (or replacing and playing a warp card) is a draw 2 for two, not a draw 3. Still a strong interaction.
RoninX Eternal Version: 21.01.13
Maybe you meant if you draw Incinerator with sight, then put it back? That is indeed a draw three (eventually).
SilentNSly Eternal Version: 21.01.13
I like the use of Second Sight and I will try splashing it in my Argentpork Valks deck
ColumW Eternal Version: 21.01.13
I certainly was tempted! Let me know how it goes.