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Djang-Li Rakano Tutor (upgrades available)

Gauntlet Deck By


Market 5

3 Card icon for Granite Ring Granite Ring x1 3 Card icon for Pyrotech Explosion Pyrotech Explosion x1 3 Card icon for Shard of the Spire Shard of the Spire x1 4 Card icon for Righteous Fury Righteous Fury x1 6 Card icon for Challenge by Law Challenge by Law x1

Sideboard 30

1 Card icon for Ghostblade Outcast Ghostblade Outcast x1 1 Card icon for Prancing Gryffyn Prancing Gryffyn x1 2 Card icon for Clodagh, Loyal Advisor Clodagh, Loyal Advisor x1 2 Card icon for Eager Owlet Eager Owlet x1 2 Card icon for Greenstone Officer Greenstone Officer x1 2 Card icon for Icaria, Valkyrie Captain Icaria, Valkyrie Captain x1 2 Card icon for Metalcraft Cadet Metalcraft Cadet x1 2 Card icon for Relentless Deadshot Relentless Deadshot x1 2 Card icon for Scale Seeker Scale Seeker x1 2 Card icon for Siraf, Grand Strategist Siraf, Grand Strategist x1 2 Card icon for Tax Collector Tax Collector x1 2 Card icon for Tinker Overseer Tinker Overseer x1 2 Card icon for Varret, Hero-in-Training Varret, Hero-in-Training x1 3 Card icon for Cozin Darkheart Cozin Darkheart x1 3 Card icon for Forge Sanitizer Forge Sanitizer x1 3 Card icon for Hero of the People Hero of the People x1 3 Card icon for Jekk, Mercenary Hunter Jekk, Mercenary Hunter x1 3 Card icon for Kemmo, Ijin's Apprentice Kemmo, Ijin's Apprentice x1 3 Card icon for Kosul Battlemage Kosul Battlemage x1 3 Card icon for Lada, Svetya's Advisor Lada, Svetya's Advisor x1 3 Card icon for Milos, Rebel Bomber Milos, Rebel Bomber x1 3 Card icon for Nika, the Freescaler Nika, the Freescaler x1 3 Card icon for Refracted Sentinel Refracted Sentinel x1 3 Card icon for Soothing Shortbeak Soothing Shortbeak x1 3 Card icon for Valkyrie Enforcer Valkyrie Enforcer x1 4 Card icon for Copperhall Paladin Copperhall Paladin x1 4 Card icon for Crimson Firemaw Crimson Firemaw x1 4 Card icon for Groundbreaker Groundbreaker x1 4 Card icon for Renegade Valkyrie Renegade Valkyrie x1 4 Card icon for Siege Breaker Siege Breaker x1


Cost Curve




After testing this deck out MANY times, I've come up with this semi-consistent decklist.

I've made this deck as affordable as possible (no legendaries and no campaign cards, woohoo!), without compromising too much quality.

Pretty much, tutor for Djang-li, the Misfit with Rujin's Choice and Rise to the Challenge as much as you can. Sometimes however, you may need a flyer, or a lifestealer, or perhaps a Merchant, so you can tutor for those cards as well.

Overall, this deck is a joy to use- try it out yourself! Optional upgrades/recommended cards are in the sideboard, just in case you wanted to swap some cards in/out. Maybe you like lifesteal more? Maybe you want to add in Milos, the campaign card in. This is the budget variant, but if you want to swap some cards in, go for it!

Market Cards
Granite Ring does a great job at letting your big units plow through, as well as giving Brightmace Paladin temporary lifesteal and Rebel Sharpshooter temporary quickdraw. If you have quickdraw units on the field, that one additional attack may be exactly what you need!
Pyrotech Explosion is really niche, but handles annoying Aegis units. I hardly use this card, but it's there just in case it's needed.
Shard of the Spire makes this deck broken. Benefit off of all those Djang-li, the Misfit summons with this amazing card. Additionally, even without Djang-li, the Misfit summons, this deck was created with a bias on units with a lot of toughness, so it will still work great (especially for Momentum Builder!)
Righteous Fury is again, a "placeholder" but I find that since this deck is control-style, you may need that extra lifesteal, or you may even want to ram through with surprise double damage!
Challenge by Law Good old spot removal :)

As a rule of thumb, I would use Winchest Merchant for Shard of the Spire and Ixtun Merchant for Granite Ring in most games. Wasteland Broker is there for miscellaneous, but usually Challenge by Law.

Recommended Upgrades

If wanting to upgrade, I recommend removing these cards first:
Valkyrie Aspirant (the Ultimate is too costly, so most games, will just remain a 1/1 flyer)
Stalwart Silverwing (a 1/1 flyer with revenge, still pretty frail)
Brightmace Paladin (situational lifesteal, 3/3 for 3)
Oskar, Chief Tinker (only used as a wall pretty much, just a 2/5 vanilla for 3)
Silverwing Familiar (Plus: it has Lifesteal, Flying, and Aegis. Minus: it is only a 1/1)
Tandem Watchwing (really frail, no main benefit other than a flyer)
Warrant Officer (very situational, not even that great)
Wasteland Broker (effect is not really needed since you're usually better off just tutoring for one of the other Merchants and getting a card right away anyways. Only really beneficial in atypically long games and you need to get multiple copies of Pyrotech Explosion, Righteous Fury, or Challenge by Law)

I recommend subbing these cards in:
Ghostblade Outcast: If you prefer more lifesteal
Prancing Gryffyn: Just outright better than Valkyrie Aspirant, especially if you plan on removing Tandem Watchwing and you don't need a Valkyrie Ally
Clodagh, Loyal Advisor: If you want another quickdraw unit
Icaria, Valkyrie Captain: As a 1/1 flyer with Endurance is already pretty good, but comes with an Ultimate that lets you ramp and also can grow larger if you have enough Justice Influence (really easy to get)
Siraf, Grand Strategist: Already amazing on her own- imagine her coupled with Djang-li, the Misfit's boosts- create large units/use her as a wall.
Tinker Overseer: A 2/1 Flyer for 2 is already a more efficient Tandem Watchwing without Valkyrie Ally.
Cozin Darkheart: A 1/5 is pretty good, but if you get the mastery 3, you get a 4/4 flyer!
Jekk, Mercenary Hunter: Getting a treasure trove is pretty nice. Getting rid of 1 or 2 units is also really nice. Even better is the possible double damage coupled with the already high attack!
Milos, Rebel Bomber: A fantastic way to sneak in a ton of damage/get rid of some units! Works very well with tutor cards once buffed up a few times.
Nika, the Freescaler: Great card when coupled with overwhelm/to put pressure on opponent.
Valkyrie Enforcer: A 3/3 Flyer for 3 with a summon of silencing an enemy is amazing. Even just a 3/3 for 3 flyer is plenty great on it's own!


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
18 19 12

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Deck Rarities
16 23 28

Card Types
37 2 16 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


January 2, 2021

December 31, 2020


Eternal Version
Empire of Glass

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