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Storm Forge Death Pit OTK

Throne Deck By
The Shimmer Pack

Work in Progress

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Janky new combo/OTK that I brewed up for Dark Frontier. Seems to work okay but needs some tuning!

The idea is to play Glimpse the Possibilities with a Workshop Forge in play and then play the whole deck essentially for free, give everything on your board charge with Death Pit, and OTK the opponent. The perfect goldfish combo kill looks something like this:

T1 Insignia, Initiate of the Sands
T2 Power, Auralian Merchant for Glimpse or Forge
T3 Power, Workshop Forge
T4 Glimpse, play free stuff and accumulate enough power to play the next Forge that appears, cycle the whole deck til you find Death Pit and all of your Torches and Tactics to push Overwhelm damage and remove blockers

It has some weaknesses, namely that you can encounter multiple powers on top of your deck which disrupt your Warp chain. Some considerations to reduce the chance of fizzling are Tactics- they become free spells once you have enough power to stick a Forge, effectively reducing the number of powers in the deck by almost one third. In addition, Talir's Favored and Seek Powers become free and thin the deck of additional powers. Packbeasts are also free, and provide a stacking effect that allows us to continue dropping powers off the top on our combo turn. Blurree let's you Scout away those bricking powers as well.

In testing, the Tactics have been MVPs. The Shugos do a lot of the work in pushing damage through, and the Temple Tactics offer great utility with the merchants, Packbeasts, and work as blocker removal as well. The thinning utility is incredible for this deck as well, significantly reducing the number of fizzles.


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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
16 19 9

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Deck Rarities
27 21 19 4

Card Types
28 12 14 0 26


May 10, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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