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Draft 020 7-1

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1st picked Memory Dredger over Extract. 2nd picked Highwind Glider over nothing. 3rd picked Plated Goliath over nothing. Primal was definitely open. I received late Extracts to pair with it. Opened a lot of weak packs so ended up rare drafting. Fortunately, was passed a lot of relative bombs.

This deck has amazing removal and finishers. The only issue is that the rest of the units are poor blockers. I predict 4-5 wins.

G1: Decent opener. I was stuck on 3 power.
G2: Mulliganed into a slow opener. I was losing tempo most of the game. Snuck in some damage to active spark on a Jotun Cyclops to pop aegis on a Borderlands Waykeeper and Suffocate it. Otherwise I was defensive since I had both Adaptive Predators in hand. His Rebel Illuminator made my blocks difficult. Fortunately, he sacrificed a unit, Gun Down, and Torch to kill the first Adaptive Predator. He had no answer for the second one.
G3: Good opener. I curved out: Yeti Snowchucker into Shadowlands Bonepicker into two 2 drops into activating Shadowlands Bonepicker. My opponent didn’t play much and conceded.
G4: Mulliganed into a slow, 2 power opener. Fortunately, drew the Primal sigil soon after. My opponent played Auric Bully. I played Crafty. I was planning on playing defensive to set up for Adaptive Predator again, but that plan went out the window when he played Emerald Ring. I swung to spark the Jotun Cyclops. After that, I kept swinging with everything with 3 or higher attack. He declined to trade repeatedly despite being stuck on 3 power and needing to stabilize. My Skysnapper eventually sealed the game.
G5: Slow opener. I was planning to play defensively since I started with Mistveil Drake and Umbreon Reaper. But my opponent played undersized units so I was aggressively and forced some 2 for 1 trades. He had 2 Outlands Sniper to even the odds until I started playing consecutive bombs. Adaptive Predator ate 3 of his units. Mistveil Drake ate his removal. Umbreon Reaper ate him.
G6: Good opener. We started on racing immediately. My Skysnapper and Shadowlands Bonepicker vs his Awakening Student and Sand Warrior. My removal matched his threats perfectly: Lightning Strike for Awakening Student, Feeding Time for Towering Terrazon, and Rapid Shot for Karmic Guardian and Crownwatch Longsword. I probably misplayed in my eagerness as his Mystic Ascendant somehow managed to stabilize the board at 1. Fortunately, he mentored his Mystic Ascendant with Roosting Owl, which paved the way for Suffocate and the finish.
G7: Mulliganed into an awkward opener: 1 unit, 2 Rapid Shots, 2 Extracts, and 2 power. Fortunately, drew some more power. Took a bunch of 2 damage hits because my opponent had nothing worthwhile to remove. Eventually Suffocated his Awakened Sentinel. Finally played Jotun Cyclops to block. My opponent played Predator Instinct on his Bold Adventurer and slammed it into my cyclops. And just swung at me with his other 2/2. I guess he wanted to do a 3 for 1 trade? I declined. Eventually my cyclops traded with an Oni Ronin and a Pummel. I Extracted the 2/2 for good measure. We stared at each other for several turns until he found a Pillar of Amar. I played an Adaptive Predator. He tried to double block it with a sentinel and a random unit. I played the 1st Rapid Shot. He tried the same block next turn for which I played the other Rapid Shot destroying the remnants of his board.
G8: Alright opener. My opponent played Find the Way for two consecutive turns. I used 2 Rapid Shots against mediocre units to keep the Yeti Snowchucker alive and capitalize on my superior board. I was able to keep swinging until his Iceknuckle Jotun finally stalled me. His Amaren Camel was slowly regaining him life, but I eventually drew Mistveil Drake while my opponent drew 5 more sigils than I did.

I was pretty lucky and drew fairly well throughout. The removal and bombs were obviously great. The deck was far more aggressive than I expected and often had me ahead in tempo and board state until my bombs showed up.

Gold Paid = -1205
Shiftstone Gained = 1361 (dust) + 800 (rares) + 800 (Umbren Reaper) = 2961
Base = 0.340 shards/gold
Shiftstone Profit = 3370
Pack Profit = 9.91


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
1 2 3

Power Sources
3 7 9 1

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Deck Rarities
19 5 4

Card Types
18 0 9 0 18


October 19, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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