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Burn Queen (Season 13 Rank 1 finisher)

By Kroge
The Great Parliament



Cost Curve




This deck had been used on December 28th-31st to clinch rank 1 in the season, starting from 500ish rank. It is based on MrNoTimeMan's Rank 1 Highwayman burn queen


Shiftstone Cost 48,000
Premium Cost 188,800
Influence Requirements 3 2
Power Sources 20 15 10
Deck Rarities 26 11 17 10
Card Types 34 0 16 25
Archetype Aggro
Added January 1, 2018
Views 18,927
Eternal Version v1.27 - The Dusk Road
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drewbagel423 Eternal Version: 1.27
How do you like Grenadin Drone over Rakano Outlaw?
Kroge Eternal Version: 1.27
In the end of last season there were fairly many Oni Ronon decks, hence drone was fantastic. I am not sure about current meta
Randygonzo Eternal Version: 1.27
This archetype is very strong right now. Almost OP lol
Kroge Eternal Version: 1.27
There are 2 schools of thought. Other one says same thing about argenport midrange :)
Randygonzo Eternal Version: 1.27
Argenport midrange is very strong too. But the the nut draws of this deck...holy crap :0