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Battle in the Wilds

January 13-17, 2023

Bring a two-faction Throne deck to the event, and play with some of the new cards from Behemoths of Thera
- After finishing redraws, one player will draw a beast from the upcoming Behemoths of Thera expansion with its cost reduced by 2. The other player will draw two copies of one of the people of Thera instead.
- Players may run the Event any number of times using any faction, but only the best record in each faction will be kept.

Event Information

Max Wins 10
Max Losses 3
Deck Type Constructed
Gold Cost 4,000
Gem Cost 300
More Information

Featured Event Decks

Name Curve Factions Type Cost
Xenan Reanimator (10-0 event 1st try)
by Visarius
Tempo Control
4 20 15
[EVENT] 10-2 with Okessa
by KeithPelig
6 16 15