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League - Chapter 82: No One Special

September 1-30, 2023

- You start off with 8 packs to open.
- Each week of the League, you’ll get new packs to add to your pool
- Everyone who participates will receive the new card back upon entering the League.
- All players who enter will end up with at least 18 packs from the League (14 from play, and 4 from rewards).

Event Information

Deck Type Constructed
Deck Switching
Gold Cost 12,500
Gem Cost 1,100
More Information

Featured Event Decks

Name Curve Factions Type Cost
Revised Deck for League Skullmarket
by WiseOldMan
1 1
Xenan Wisps (31-9, League, Top 10)
by mookie
Combo Midrange