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Eternal Championship Qualifier: Burning Hope

January 11-12, 2019

ECQ: Burning Hope consists of two stages: Qualifiers that are open to all players on Steam, iOS or Android, and the Finals that will feature the Top 64 players from the Qualifiers.

1/7 UPDATE: The format of ECQ: Burning Hope is changing to a single deck played for all games. The single deck you submit for the 28-game Qualifiers is the same deck you will play if you reach the Finals.

Participating in ECQ: Defiance requires a registered and validated account and email address. This can be done through the Options menu in-game; DWD strongly encourage players to register and validate their email addresses in advance of attempting to enter the tournament.

- All players on Steam, iOS or Android phones & tablets can participate in ECQ: Defiance. (Xbox One players are not yet eligible to participate in tournaments, but DWD hopes to be able to include them soon.)
- The Qualifiers begins on Friday, January 11 at 10 am MST (17:00 UTC) and will end on Saturday, January 12 at 4 pm MST (23:00 UTC).
- Players can complete their games at any time during the Qualifiers; there is no benefit or penalty for playing early, late, or throughout.
- The Top 64 players from the Qualifiers will progress forward to the Finals.
- Prizes will be delivered upon conclusion of the Finals.
- All players will receive one premium copy of Burn Them All; all packs are from Defiance

Event Information

Total Games Per Run 28
Deck Type Constructed
Gold Cost 30,000
Gem Cost 1,600
More Information

Featured Event Decks

Name Curve Factions Type Cost
FJS Gunslinger
by Sinister90
2 28 3