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Auric Deal 'em Preview Event

May 6-10, 2022

- Prepare your best two-faction Throne deck to wage combat in the Golden Horn casino
- Players’ opening hand (after redraws) will be graded as a poker hand. Players will then draw a unit from the upcoming Unleashed expansion, and whoever had the best poker hand, ignoring power cards, will give their Unleashed unit +1/+1 and a random Battle Skill
- Power cards and any additional cards granted from echo or Fate do not count towards poker hands.
- If players have the same category of hand, the one with the higher cost wins.
- In the case of a tie, both players will receive the bonus to their Unleashed unit.

Event Information

Max Leaderboard Runs 5
Max Wins 10
Max Losses 3
Deck Type Constructed
Gold Cost 4,000
Gem Cost 300
More Information

Featured Event Decks

Name Curve Factions Type Cost
10-0 "Stonescar" Event Run
by Random_7945
Aggro Midrange
5 30 21