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Selling Your Sword

Article by Hebbes - June 29, 2017

Greetings, I’m Hebbes, pronounced He-bes, I’ve been playing Eternal off and on since May of last year. I’m not one of the well known names in this game. Heck I’m not any name. I’ve never been to Master on Ranked. I haven’t really had the spare time to grind my way there but I’ve always wanted to try and do something for our community, so when I saw that Eternal Warcry was publishing articles now I decided to ask Stevercakes if I could submit articles. This is my first attempt. Today I’m going to talk to you about the Sellswords Event starting Saturday.

Now, for those of you who never read your emails from DWD, which considering the hype for Omens of the Past should be no one, the Sellsword Event is going to be ran over the July 1st weekend aka Fourth of July weekend in the States. The Sellsword Event is a 1000 Gold/100 Gems event in which you will compete to either 5 wins or 2 losses with a single deck, no deck switching, and the deck must be mono faction influence card. We do not know what we are getting as run prizes as of yet but with a 1000g/100G entry, does it really matter? Your first five runs in the event will determine your placement on the leaderboard, DWD is still not going to let you grind out a ranking, and the players with top records in their first 15 games(including losses) in each faction will get a premium copy of their factions Scion (aka 3200 shiftstone). In my opinion, these are not bad things to get and if the first two events are an indication entry into should get you at least a pack for playing and upside if you actually win your matches.

Now to talk about the decks I think are going to see play this in this event. Primal is going to be either a flyers heavy or spells heavy build.


I'm not a fan of this deck. I feel like the meta is going to be way to fast for it. Four Lighting Storm just feel wrong. It's hedging to much against the mono-fire one drop deck.

Time decks will probably look along the lines of Sir Rhino’s Mono Time mid-range list. Though some players may try and build a more Aggro lower to the ground version.

I'm not currently planning on playing Mono Time much in the event but if I was I would start by looking at this list and the beauty of almost all four of's.

Shadow is going to be your control, mid-range, and reanimator decks. Honestly I’m not a control player, I’ve delved into it more with Eternal then I have with other card games I played but I’m not going to attempt to build a deck in this faction. Instead I’m going to share LightsOutAce’s early build of mono Shadow midrange.

The one thing I would change about Ace's list would be to up the Annilhilates to a full four of and cut Deathstrike and a Suffocate.

Fire has two versions to it. You have the hyper aggro one drops and removal version and you have the mid-range burn version.

This is my starting point for Mono Fire Rally. I know it is not exactly where it needs to be in the event, honestly I was half asleep when I put together this list, but it's the place I'm going to start.

Big Fire is a whole other beast that I'm also sure my list may not be right on.

This is another deck that I'm sure I have numbers wrong on. In fact, I can't even build this deck to test it because I don't have any Claw of the First Dragon but I think that card is going to be so much value in this event that two of them seems right in the deck to me. Furnace Mage is a card that I actually think might need to be a four of in big fire decks. You need something to kill Xenan Obelisk before a Go-Wide Time deck runs you over.

Justice is very similar to Fire in that you have a aggro/mid-range deck(a lot slower then Fire but with better late game and some lifesteal) and you have a relic weapon heavy control build. This is my thoughts on a Justice Control deck.

This is a deck that could also use a lot of tweaking to get right. Copperhall Blessing is a card that hasn't seen any ranked play as far as I know, but I feel it might shine here in this event.

Now, myself, I'm going to be running my mono Justice Aggro deck.

I have loved Mono Justice since the closed beta when it was better and had a good Gilded Glaive I'm hoping to go under the slow Shadow and Justice control builds and over the time and fire decks with warcrys and weapons.

So enjoy this weekend, as always DWD seems to be trying to do right by their enfranchised players as well as those just starting. If you want you can follow me on Twitter @usafhebbes. You can also leave comments below letting me know what you think (I’m always looking for feedback to improve). Please share your decks that you have built here on the site, it is a wonderful thing that Stevercakes has put a lot of Mono Time into. And remember, have fun, it’s just a game.

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falconero Eternal Version: 1.21
Im from venezuela falconero+9899 in eternal im newbie in this amazing game. Do u have decks with lowest cost to play gauntlet. Im trying get gold to complete jeff champaing. Thank for share u exp in game.

Gracias amigo
PoeticDiscord Eternal Version: 1.21
My problem with Pilfer in the Mono-Shadow deck is that you have a 33+% chance to draw one of your opponent's power cards. If they aren't playing the same color as you, it's a card that just sits in your hand, because you can't play it, ever, not if you want your Veteran Mercenary synergy.

I'd get rid of the Pilfers and add two more Annihilates and 2 Cabal Countesses.