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Xenan Temple

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When an enemy unit dies, steal it and put it into your void.
Worldjoiner's Agenda: Xenan Initiation, Scare, Xenan Augury.

Steal - Taking an enemy card is stealing. Stealing a card removes its influence requirements.
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Card image for Worldjoiner
Card image for Xenan Augury
Card image for Xenan Initiation

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Card Information

Type Site
Rarity Legendary
Set Defiance [Set5]
Eternal ID #224
Faction Multi - Xenan
Shiftstone Cost 3,200
Shiftstone Premium 9,600
Decks on Site View 682 Decks
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Expedition #6
December 19, 2019 to February 11, 2020
Expedition #5
December 2-19, 2019
Expedition #4
November 19 to December 2, 2019
Expedition #3
October 7 to November 19, 2019
Expedition #2
August 5 to October 6, 2019
Expedition #1
July 1 to August 5, 2019


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