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From Within

Card image for From Within

Card image for Brynn, Inner Strength
Give one of your units +2/+1, Charge, and Decay this turn.
Transmute : 4/6 Brynn, Inner Strength.


Charge - Can attack the turn it is played.
Transmute - When you reach the listed power amount, if this is in your hand or deck, it transforms into a new card.
Decay - When this deals damage to unit or relic weapon, that card’s strength and health (or armor) are permanently reduced by that much.

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Card Information

Group Type Spell
Type Fast Spell
Rarity Rare
Set Argent Depths [Set9]
Eternal ID #6
Faction Fire
Shiftstone Cost 800
Shiftstone Premium 3,200
Decks on Site View 55 Decks
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Expedition #21
April 20 to May 18, 2021
Expedition #20
March 23 to April 20, 2021
Expedition #19
February 24 to March 23, 2021
Expedition #18
February 11-23, 2021
Expedition #17
January 8 to February 11, 2021
Expedition #16
December 15, 2020 to January 8, 2021
Expedition #15
November 2 to December 14, 2020
Expedition #14
September 1 to November 2, 2020
Expedition #13
August 10-31, 2020
Expedition #12
June 24 to August 10, 2020


Doomfarer Edited Eternal Version: 20.06.24
The actual card is wrong here, it should say 4/6 Brynn. The text next to it is correct though.
icyrainz Eternal Version: 20.06.24
The in-game card has been fixed. I guess we just need to wait for stevercakes to refresh the images.