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Unfair Sentinels Bond

Expedition Deck By
Team Even Factionless

Work in Progress

Cost Curve




Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
4 2 3 3

Power Sources
18 19 11

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
16 34 13 2

Card Types
39 11 4 0 26

Combo Midrange

January 6, 2021


Eternal Version
Empire of Glass

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bouletpr Edited Eternal Version: 21.01.08
Interesting list ! Did you considered/tried the primal splash for Reshape or Fluctuate Reality ?
Random_7945 Edited Eternal Version: 21.01.08
We need to consider the 10-cost and 11-cost cards in this format for transforming Scourstone Sentinel.
Goldplate Goliath is currently the only 10-drop so Reshape maybe pretty good for Scourstone Sentinel.
On the other hand, Sigvard, the Last Bastion is the only 11-drop so Fluctuate Reality doesn't work well with Scourstone Sentinel.
For Tempered Sentinel, the transform effects are usually a strict upgrade to the body despite some trap 7-drops.
However, it may be more difficult to bond Scourstone Sentinel which is the top-end of this deck.
Going primal may also enable us with Sling of the Chi (Comment below) and other interesting cards, but I think Reshape may be better than Fluctuate Reality for this deck.
Also the double Cylix package is sweet and provides ample card draw and discard engine for Autotread.
Random_7945 Eternal Version: 21.01.08
Another obvious choice of splashing is Justice with the Sentinel support and the newly buffed Reality Warden.
abbaabbaabba Edited Eternal Version: 20.12.23
I added some spice (in the form of Sling of the Chi):

Other than that...

There are some really good ideas in here, mainly involving Bond and Fair Exchange. I get it, Bond gets big Units out early and Fair Exchange lets you swap them with situationally useful Units, ignoring any Influence costs. Gear Master and Coretap give you further reasons to try this deck (or a variant of the deck). Cool.
Random_7945 Eternal Version: 21.01.08
Thanks for the deck and comment, adding sling is definitely a good idea.
However, this deck is generally weak against mandrakes, which sadly is the current meta in expedition.
I think we can try to tech a little bit more against that deck.
abbaabbaabba Eternal Version: 21.01.08
*thumb's up*
WolfCynic Eternal Version: 20.12.23
Built a version of this just now and won a gauntlet with it; probably the most fun Sentinels build that I've seen. Thanks and good job
Random_7945 Eternal Version: 21.01.08
Thank you for your support for this deck!