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Fun with Imperion

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Tired of always playing the same decks? I present to you this one with which I have a lot of fun. It's not the best deck, far from it, but it still has a very decent winrate, around 60% for me. Sometimes he comes out magical, sometimes he totally flops...

Some explanations:

Rift Siphon: one of the bases of the game. Borderlands Lookout, Spitefeeder or even the wisp from Lumen Shepherd will allow an explosive start. It also fills the opponent's graveyard for Dreamsnatcher or One Eye Returned. And it allows you to quickly place Lumen Shepherd if you don't have Bone Music to discard it.

Marvelous Imperion: it finds its place in this deck. Spitefeeder, wisp, Dreamsnatcher and Lumen Shepherd will love it. You have few options for dealing with the enemy's Helici (Reusable Femur), but many of your critters have evasion or quickdraw abilities, so in practice this isn't a problem. And then this card makes the deck so much more fun :)

Spitefeeder: what a pleasure to play a bad card and get everything you can out of it XD. It's perfect in the deck: Turn1 fly for Rift Siphon, boosted by Marvelous Imperion, filled the opponent's graveyard for Dreamsnatcher or One Eye Returned, filled Our graveyard for Maggot Swarm (Bone Music) or more targets for Skullhaven Tinker and One Eye Returned, possible support for Reusable Femur and Lethrai Falchion... very versatile :)

Skullhaven Tinker + One Eye Returned to ensure a presence on the board. Skullhaven can be activated with Reusable Femur or Lethrai Falchion, or possibly the weapon gained from Murgo the Bone Guy.

Lethrai Falchion: a card that wins games. Of course it can activate Skullhaven Tinker on One Eye Returned, but it is also excellent on your unblockable creatures like One Eye Returned or Helici (Marvelous Imperion). In the fight against Aggro you will almost always win with a well-placed Lethrai Falchion.

Dreamsnatcher: it quickly becomes very big thanks to Rift Siphon and Spitefeeder, and just like Lethrai Falchion it allows you to race for life points against aggro.

I wish you lots of fun, see you soon in the game!

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February 10, 2024


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