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buh-ton more like duh-ton amiright?

Throne Deck By
The Queensguard


Cost Curve




Why should you play Stonescar? Here are the reasons!

- DAB on people who spent time, energy or even money grinding shiftstone and packs of the latest set as you beat them with a deck that is 99% old cards.

- LAUGH as you win game after game by simply reaching 4 power with a Jekk and a sigil in hand.

- HIGHROLL your opponents by simply playing cards on curve.

- MAKE A MOCKERY of the concept of influence by casting a card with harder influence than Icaria the Liberator on turn 4.

- CRUSH your opponent's pathetic blockers with overstatted units, overwhelm on every card, and the most tempo-efficient removal in the game.

- ZOOM through the ladder as every game takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Maindeck Card Explanations
Darkblade Cutpurse pushes a lot of damage when combined with the efficient removal cards in the deck.

Ixtun Merchant is in the deck because I was unsatisfied with both the Salvo and Condemn market options, and there are no mono-shadow market cards good enough to compensate for the -1 point of life (relevant against un-Sigiled Jekk, Blightmoth, and Chemical Rounds) and lack of Overwhelm (relevant when Persuader is one of the market cards) that Cen Wastes Smuggler has.

Suffocate is an underplayed card in Stonescar. I firmly believe in running 4. It is particularly relevant with your 2 drops, as Cutpurse, Warleader and Instigator all have good synergy with it. I also see some people running Tocas and Pacifier for some reason. Finally, it dodges Silverblade Intrusion (and you are fairly happy if they have to waste a Friends in Low Places on it, especially early on before they can get the influence effects).

Buh-ton, Death's Reach is not as good as I hoped he would be, but he's alright. He does enough to earn his place in the deck and is a solid but not amazing inclusion. I prefer him over Bandit Queen because the deck doesn't go that wide and he's much better against sweepers. He also has strong synergy with Champion of Chaos and Cutpurse.

4 copies of Flame Blast is not standard, but I have long since been an advocate for it in Stonescar. The amount of face damage it lets you push is incredible and it gives you the ability to draw an out in many situations. While some people find it too clunky, I find that the sheer power level of the card is too high to want to remove it from my deck.

29 power is more than most people run, but I have a lot of ways to use extra power (Flame Blast, Jekk, Cutpurse, Phoenix Stone) and I firmly believe that the most important thing you can do with this deck is to curve out.

Market Card Explanations
Open Contract is a Slay for 1 power. The downside is not as relevant as most people think. A curve I often go is 2 -> 3 -> Merchant + Contract.

Kaleb's Persuader is impressive because it has synergy with so many different cards in the deck. Every Overwhelm unit (and there are a lot) appreciates it, Warleader can proc extra times off it (and be harder to block, which is one of the issues Warleader has later in the game), it gives units really high attack so Buh-ton can imbue them to kill enemy blockers, and Jekk draws two Troves off it (not to mention getting twice as much attack off the weapon itself because of Double Damage). Also, you can curve a Merchant on 3 into a Persuader on 4 on that Merchant.

Shugo Standard provides much-needed Overwhelm to cards like Jekk and Buh-ton, while also helping you fix power issues and Fire influence (important for Buh-ton, who needs FFFF).

Phoenix Stone is a power sink that provides good utility in board stalls and against control. The relative lack of relic hate floating around in Throne helps it stick around.

Bandit Queen has an extraordinarily powerful effect and can push lethal very easily if your opponent ever allows you to get a board. While Stonescar decks aren't built around it any more, it's still a terror to face when the opponent gets it in the right situation.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
4 2

Power Sources
26 20 16

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
8 28 16 15

Card Types
33 2 15 0 30

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


July 28, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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leejtr Edited Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Hey, list is still good. Made rank 89 with it even though I messed around with a mill list that I failed miserably at. I was literally stuck in d3 for days with it. If I just played this from the get go I reckon it would have made top 20 or so.

So yeah ! As I said before this is def the way to play Stonescar. Totally agreed. Thanks again for the super list.
HalfwayCrusader Edited Eternal Version: 20.08.06
Thanks for posting this! I played it in the Summer Championship and went 16-12. Some notes:
Suffocate should definitely be something else. I lost 3 games directly because Suffocate wasn't Annihilate or Open Contract, and I don't think the tempo gain made up for that. And that isn't counting games where I didn't notice I lost because of Suffocate.
Blackhall Warleader seems really bad. It could be replaced by a 1-drop.
Speaking of 1-drops, I do feel like you miss out on a ton of tempo by not having any 1-drops. I think it's likely worth it to cut 4 power and move Flame Blast to the market in order to play 12 1-drops. I do like Flame Blast a lot if you're playing 29 power though.
I feel least confident about this, but it might really not be worth playing Buh-ton. It was surprisingly hard to cast, and I didn't kill anything useful with it in any of my games. Its peak for me was a 5/2 Charge, which was surprisingly serviceable.
Overall, though, great deck! Thanks again for posting.
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I haven't had this much fun since Stonescar mastery with Akko. You've perfected this list in my opinion. Wouldn't change a damn thing.
leejtr Eternal Version: 20.08.10
After reading everyone's feedback here, I still reckon this is the best way to go. I played this list the way everyone here is talking. More units yada yada. But I struggled. This month playing like this I have had no issues with my climb. I got stuck on d1 cuz I changed to control which didn't actually go too well. But I guess it comes down to play styles and shiz
efertik Eternal Version: 20.07.29
First, as a fellow Stonescar aggro lover, I agree with many of your choices here. In particular, I have fallen in love with Darkblade Curpurse simply for the sheer damage he can inflict in a short period of time, and I love having 4 maindeck. I also agree that Ixtun Merchant is the best market option because it gives you a decent body, and these days Condemn and Blazing Salvo are often quite low impact. Finally, I also agree with many of your market choices - I have used the Persuader, the Standard, and Open Contract in many different situations.

Of course, what fun would it be if we agreed on everything. Here are my primary differences with you:

1. First and foremost, I don't like playing 29 power, particularly when Jekk forces you to play with so many Sigils. Instead, I play the Deputy, which serves as both fixing but also another body that goes well with some of my other choices. Of course, if you aren't playing 29 power, you probably also want to put Flame Blast in the market rather than main deck. The biggest problem is that with that much power, you are going to flood fairly often, which means you will lose. Of course, playing with only 25 power also has a risk as well, but generally I usually make it to 4 power (which is all you need) without a problem.
2. Second, I don't really like Suffocate. I agree it can be incredibly tempo efficient against the right deck, but it is a dead card against many other decks, and you really can't afford dead cards in an aggressive deck that has form of card draw. Instead, I play Holdout Pistol. It is also an incredibly tempo-positive play (kill an opposing unit and get in 2 more points of damage!) but also isn't dead against control and midrange. And you have more enough gunslingers in the deck to make it work.
3. I've switched my anti-control card in the market from Pheonix Stone to Wyatt's Junkyard. Most control decks now have good ways of dealing with the Stone, but by contrast sites are very difficult for them, especially since you have plenty of units to defend it. I had one memorable game against a Hooru control deck which had tons and tons of removal, but the Junkyard gave me enough card advantage to overcome.
4. Bandit Queen not main deck? Um ... just don't agree. That card still wins me more games than I have any right to. It's even better now that you are playing so many overwhelm units. And I have found you have room for both Queen and Buhton.

Again, great writeup of one of my favorite decks in Eternal!
Gregorious Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Can you post your deck with suggestions?
WitchyDiana Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Alison and aggro decks, name a more iconic duo
TheStray Eternal Version: 20.07.29
The use of old cards is crucial to players that are mostly F2P, especially early on after expansion release. This decklist was gold.
Watermelon Eternal Version: 20.07.29
You got my upvote by the DAB part
goay Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Hi, I do think Stonescar Smuggler provide much better market access. Shadow Edict, Silverblade Menace, Sabotage are all fantastic.
deedub Eternal Version: 20.07.29
Is it actually "much better" though?
What would you replace in the current market? Contract kills better than Edict. Silverblade and Sabo are nice versus control but do you need both?
Contract / Stone / Persuader / Standard were all excellent. Maybe you can shift Queen main for Silverblade market and cut down on some power (30 felt insane). So then youd be giving up the 1 tough-ness and overwhelm for a card thats basically an alt win con versus certain decks.
goay Eternal Version: 20.07.29
I think contract is a better main card than market. I like having edict market and contract mained.