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[Budget] Moldermuck AP Tempo

Expedition Deck By

Work in Progress

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General idea:
Play stuff on curve, amass warcries and slam the opponent with big stuff and tempo.

Card Choices:

Moldermuck: Have you seen a 10/10 decay moldermuck start to split? It can be pretty scary. In it's vanilla form it can be a good aggro mirorr stopper or a good tool to wittle down chunky blockers. Pair it with a Vine Grafter and it's even more spicy.

Hero of the People: She is a game ender on her own, demanding answers every time you drop here. Deathwing, Crownwatch Paladin and Auric Sentry will help you to create a massive unit in air with aegis protection. Not even speaking about refreshing Regen on her with Vine Grafters.

Deathwing: A pretty solid flier in AP colors, helps blocking enemy bombs, buffs Hero of the People and Warp in to make an awesome weapon out of Silver Slicer.

Silver Slicer: Early game removal helper, and a pretty amazing weapon after a Deathwing Warp-in, making it a Deadly Quickdraw weapon. I don't think more is need to be said about it, in it's own it can shut down enemy defense.

Auric Sentry: Seems week at first, but with a couple Warcry triggers it is a pretty beefy attacker/blocker, and let's not forget it buffing Hero of the People.

Watchwing Support: Probably the most swappable card in this list, at the momemnt it helps buffing units, and with Martial Efficiency it can pump things up. Also a nice removal bait for your Silver Slicer.

Market Choices:

Blackout the Skies: It's a really nice anti-air removal for those times when your Deathwings are out of town. Helps against mono justice Mantle of Justice fliers.

Ghostform: For those times when you need heals or to slip under deadly blockers with your big cards.

Shadow Walk Cloak: Basically a repeatable Ghostform when you need it.

Devouring Shadow: ATM the most swappable card in the market, can be a good removal, but most of the time the deck handles that on it's own.

Shoaldredger: 0 mana 7/6 with Regen anyone?

Options to play with:

Tarra, Ever Loyal: As methanems pointed out an awesome upgrade for this deck, replacing Watchwing Support. I woudl remove an Ursa Squadron and a Moldermuck for the swap. Tarra would help you recover lost tempo from missing one Squadron, and Muck is better if you can get a few Warcry 2 procs on it.

Shadowsea Rising: In a slower meta i could see this as a replacement for Devouring Shadow in the market.

Manacles: If you can fit it somewhere in the deck, it think it will help push slower matchups and even help against more aggresive decks.

Justice Sketch: This card is also a great upgrade for the deck, it is not in to keep it to budget (and totally not because i don't have it).

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July 14, 2021

June 15, 2021


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Green_Stripe Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Thanks for this deck. Ten wins in a row at the time of writing. Follows you from now and looks forward to more super decks.
Achie Eternal Version: 21.06.09
I'm glad you like it!
Most of the time i just post meme/budget decks and not really in a good power level, but thanks for the follow!
methanems Eternal Version: 21.06.09
This is pretty good. Here's the changes that I made:
Xultan Arbalest - Removed
Watchwing Support - Removed
Tarra, Ever Loyal - Added 4x
Silver Slicer - Added 1x

This makes some crazy large units.
Achie Edited Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Tarra, Ever Loyal is a really good swap in. I Avoided it to maintain the budget format, and because i don't have it yet.
She basically just skips the whole Watchwing Support + Martial Efficiency amplify buff combo on her own.

On a longer run there is a consideration to swap Minotaur Grunt for something else, i feel he is a really low tempo play for only the warcy upside, but if he grabs a few warcry procs then it changes imo.
Send a Message, Shoaldredger and Blackout the Skies are also iffy, i haven't rarely for them, but that is heavily meta dependent.
methanems Edited Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Martial Efficiency has been useful for multi unit attacks, where I buff one with 3/3 and then place the curse/s on the other defender. This has preserved the early no buff units.

Again, I know you're keeping it budget, but Justice Sketch has also been interesting in this deck, as has Hero of the People.

Also, Auric Sentry has been a better replacement for Minotaur Grunt.
Achie Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Martial Efficiency is definitely one of the carriers of this deck.
Justice Sketch and Hero of the People are really good suggestions, i may write these up in the description somewhere.

I was thinking on Hero of the People but haven't played the game for a few days, so i didn't had the chance to try it out, as for Auric Sentry i wanted to keep the curve low, so you aren't stuck with 3 drops in your starting hand, but it's a viable replacement, yes.