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Hooru Control - 19-4 at rank 1

Throne Deck By
The Barbarian Camp


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Hi, this is the deck I've been using to maintain rank 1 in throne since getting there with Tely. I've played 23 games so far, and I've mostly lost to my own play/mulligan mistakes or high variance games (3x Dinosaur Nest, no removal/merchant etc). The deck feels incredible to play, since you only have to run 3x Builder's Decree to finish games, and the rest is just card draw and answers! It can be a bit difficult to pilot properly at times, but I believe the deck is genuinely very powerful once you get the hang of it.

Credit to Alison for the original idea: [nsfw title censored so I don't get banned xd]

Strange inclusions:

Discover Talents: The deck pretty much revolves around this card, it being extremely flexible and allowing us four extra copies of our finisher without taking up any space. Inscribe allows you to play this whenever you want as a depleted primal sigil, so it's essentially a part of our powerbase that can be used to refill our hand with Helio, the Skywinder or end the game using Builder's Decree. It's almost always correct to draw Helio, but if you don't have time to pass your next turn then you can tutor for an answer (like Harsh Rule) instead.

Builder's Decree: Most people play Stormhalt Plating in this spot, but I think Decree is much better. When you play it on an empty board for 9 power, you're locking out the opponents answer while simultaneously pressuring lethal. This makes it very hard to recover against Decree after you've taken control of the game, whereas a single relic answer like Bullseye can save your opponent from Plating. It also can't be tutored for with Discover Talents, and it's awkward to inscribe for justice influence with Helio in the deck.

Ice Bolt: This card is awesome in hard control. Giving your opponent extra power doesn't hurt that much when you have access to so many sweepers. If they use it to ramp into a single big threat, you can just ice bolt it again, and if they play multiple units then they'll get blown out by Harsh Rule. Be careful about ramping your opponent before you can play a sweeper though, and try to prioritize other spells first.
Also, use this on your own units to play Scourge of Frosthome first in the mirror.

Thicket Trap: I love this card, and I think it's very underrated. It's like a Snowball with inscribe that hits every unit! I'm playing it in place of Strategize, which is a lot worse now that the best fate cards were removed. It gives you a ton of safety vs aggro decks and can double as a permanent answer to Relic Weapons which can otherwise be a pain to deal with.

Dazzle: There's a lot of Equalize on ladder, so you need counterspells or face aegis to beat it consistently. It's also fine to use it as temporary removal to buy time for Helio, the Skywinder or Honor of Claws.

Re-read (1x): I like having this as a 1-of for Talents so that you can rebuy Savage Incursion from the market, or Builder's Decree in long games where you sometimes run out. It's also great in general to have access to two copies of each spell in your market, so that you can answer multiple relics or counter multiple <2 cost spells.

I know that I've posted a lot of decks recently, but I think this one is very interesting and fun to play. I love control decks and I spent a lot of time tuning this, so I hope the writeup and list are useful ^^


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2 3

Power Sources
16 25 16

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Deck Rarities
8 32 29 6

Card Types
9 3 43 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Awakening [Set1095]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


February 27, 2022


Eternal Version
Valley Beyond

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maucopto Eternal Version: 22.03.02
How do you deal with sites? great job mate!
Shadowcran Edited Eternal Version: 22.03.02
I've been encountering this deck constantly all weekend. I designed a Feln that counters it admirably if anyone wants me to post it.
TheL0rd0fSpace Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Any reason for no copies of [[PrimalSymbol]] when it seems like Helio really likes them, and you could probably find spots where you can afford depleted power?
maslovk Eternal Version: 22.03.02
There is one small reason. In pure control matchups you want to smash your units with ice bolts and ramp to 10 mana to get access to Scourge.
Besides that, you can try to add!
maslovk Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Any replace for Vision of Austerity? Evolving Olzial? Rain of frogs?
Nice write-up!
Shadowcran Eternal Version: 22.03.02
For reference only, I have posted a "deck" listing all attachment removal(curses, relics,etc.) on this site. Argenport Noble and Tayana...something...silences them. Undercover Enforcer, being neutral, is one you can add to anything. Problems with curses? Cleansing Rain in the market which can also give aegis to all your units and yourself.
Mail Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Hi, thanks!
I'd run Formbend over austerity, since it can come down fast enough to answer nest.
Velsevul Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Thank you for another great deck!
What cards could be put instead of Talents?
Mail Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Unfortunately there isn't a great replacement for Talents, since it fills a lot of roles in this deck (win condition, card draw, power). If you wanted to try the deck without it I would run 3x Stormhalt Plating and 1x Re-read, but it won't be nearly as good.
svrQQ Eternal Version: 22.03.02
What about Davia as a replacement for talents?
Metanoia Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I was one of your 4 losses, the one with the triple Dino Nest draw. I must say that even then, your deck seems very capable to handle those. Obstuctive Flicker wiped the board nicely before a nest popped. I used removal on your Helio, because I was afraid you might copy it. Now that I know the list, I guess saving it for the Sentinels is better.
Anyways, I came here to compliment you on the list. It seems _very_ well equipped against the current midrangy Xenan / Elysian metagame. And at the same time will beat fast aggro easily too, I imagine. That leaves only the Cobrei Plating deck which can possibly give you trouble. Any tips on beating them? I may just copy you list :-)
Edit: to clarify I mean the ramp into Equalize / Harsh Rule / Ageworn Vestige / Stormhalt Plating Combrei deck, not the one with all the units.
Mail Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Hey Metanoia,
Combrei Equalize can be a tricky matchup, but overall I wouldn't say it's unfavored. Their main gameplan is to cast Equalize to discard pretty much your entire hand, so the cards you want to look for are counterspells (Dazzle, Obstructive Flicker), Cobalt Waystone to block the spell, or either of the two Decrees. If you can manage to avoid Equalize you should have a relatively easy time, but sometimes that's not possible. If they do manage to discard your hand, you're hoping to refill with Helio, the Skywinder, Honor of Claws, or Savage Incursion. One thing to note is that a lot of builds run Desert Marshal now, so Scourge of Frosthome won't always end the game.
We have a few clean answers to relic weapons in Thicket Trap and Vision of Austerity, and a surprisingly high likelihood of having a unit on board relative to the eight actual units in the deck, which makes it difficult for them to kill you. This is because Discover Talents and Builder's Decree both act as additional units, and on top of that we're drawing a lot of cards which naturally increases our chances of finding them. I've felt this matchup is favored so far, although it can be difficult to win if they resolve Equalize into a 9 cost Builder's Decree, so be sure to hold up counterspells later in the game.
Hope I helped, glhf with the deck!
ZE1TGEIST Edited Eternal Version: 22.03.02
I'm currently stuck in gold because of losing to crappy Combrei Plating Rampy decks. I'm using a very similar version of this Hooru Control. And, the Hooru Control gets absolutely shat on by it.

Run all the Vision of Austerity, and Thicket Trap you want, it's not enough. Especially with that Saber-tooth Prideleader.

But what's really been giving this Hooru deck trouble, is The Speaking Circle. That site is this deck's bane.

The Plating deck makes me wanna splash red for 4 Bullseye.

I actually made a Combrei Platiny hate deck. Running ×4 of each: Bullseye, Draconic Ire 😂😂😂, Kaleb's Choice, Evolving Olzial and Read the Ruins. I haven't used it yet. But next time I face like 80% plating decks, I will unleash the hate deck!
ValeS Edited Eternal Version: 22.02.02
I cannot find targets for Royal Decree in my games (I mean timing it to actually find the key cards in my opponents hand after a merchant attack).

I am thinking of replacing it with Rejection to take care of opponent cards like Equalize, Voprex's Choice, Fall to Ruin and Harsh Rule.

Another thought is to replace it with Korovyat Palace to offer some protection for the sentinels of Builder's Decree (and for the card draw, unit buff etc).

What do you think?
Mail Eternal Version: 22.03.02
Rejection is sort of redundant with Obstructive Flicker already in the market, in addition to maindeck Dazzle to negate spells. Funnily enough, some of the cards you named aren't even worth countering, like Harsh Rule and Fall to Ruin. Also, royal decree doesn't necessarily have to hit a key spell to be annoying for your opponent. In the matchups where the type of spells you're describing are played, royal decree hitting any form of card advantage (Wisdom of the Elders, Honor of Claws) or threat that you'd have trouble dealing with can be brutal. It also shows you how many copies of each card is in their hand, so if you hit something that they've drawn in multiples then it's an immediate 2-for-1 regardless of what you take.
On Korovyat Palace, that's definitely a powerful card that could be interesting to market. I've thought about playing it, and I do think that it could be a strong substitution for one of the other late game finishers if you don't want to craft them, probably over Savage Incursion.
Kingkawng92 Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Awesome deck! And don't worry about posting too many, they've all been awesome.
Mail Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Thanks, I'm happy you feel that way!