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Where Is It? (Masters)

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Used this deck from G3 all the way to masters. Fun fact: Curiox, the Collector shows his left eye intact with voiceline "Where is it?" but both Curiox, All-Seeing and Curiox's Hunt show his left eye missing. Idk which eye did he really loose.
Deck tech:
You can use Touch of Battle to give the ping spells (Trials and Tribulations and Cirso's Choice) as well as Black-Sky Harbinger deadly to turn them into board wipes.
The Cirso's Choice gives fast aegis which can be used to block effects like cursed relics (you can even block effects like the Mindbreaker's Staff effect if you give aegis before turn 3 ends, ultimate abilities like Orene's Scepter etc.)
You should broker Bathe in Light if you are stuck on 4 power as it has inscribe keyword and can be played as a depleted sigil or if the enemy is using Reactor Forge or Demand Death type decks if you can predict and are lucky enough to draw it in time.
If you are not sure what to broker, broker Chirganth, Ice Regent as it is a unit, and its contract can negate a spell, buff ping spells and can also be used to pop enemy face aegis.
Chirganth, Ice Regent gets +1 attack every time your spells deal damage. Let's say there are 10 units on board. If you use say (Trials and Tribulations or Cirso's Choice (the ping spells), Chirganth, Ice Regent will get +10 as it dealt 2 damage each to 10 units on board. This means it will have 15 attack (16 if you used Trials and Tribulations as it gives +1/+1 too) which is a wincon if enemy can't block or remove it. Even better if you have more than one Chirganth, Ice Regent on board. This can be used to create a separate deck focused around this dragon lol.
It is quite easy to get 10 units for Prosperity of the Reach (or 12 for Fall to Ruin) in void if you have a Xenan Temple on board or if the enemy is using discard based deck.
Kickflip Monk is good against early aggro as it is a 2/4 on enemy turn. Also it prevents cards from leaving the void, which is useful if enemy is using void based decks. Also the Prosperity of the Reach doesn't count voidbound units and so won't give extra turn even if you have 10 units in void if he is in play (or any other card that prevents playing units from void is in play), as it can't put those units into your deck.
Dragon's Eyes and Torgov's Wares buff Jufi, Sprite Seer a lot (+3/+3 and +2/+2) respectively. Also cylix can buff him too if you have enough influence as they draw a Treasure Trove which gives him +1/+1 and another +1/+1 when you play the Treasure Trove that was generated.


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Influence Requirements
3 3 3

Power Sources
16 17 16 24

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Deck Rarities
4 25 27 23

Card Types
25 0 26 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


January 16, 2022


Eternal Version
Valley Beyond

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complex_momentum Eternal Version: 22.01.31
Love love love this deck, thanks for sharing! Curiox (original) is perhaps one of my favorite cards. My head cannon around the left/right eye thing is that the new one is just after he found his eye (voice line "whole once more") and both eyes are there but only the new one is glowing brightly. To the deck itself: every time I play it I pick up on another clever interaction you've built in. Super fun to play--might you be convinced to write up a brief 'deck tech' at some point?
Ryuzaki Eternal Version: 22.02.02
Glad to see you enjoyed playing the deck. I have added brief deck tech. Also the fact that he found the eye is amazing lol.