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[Masters] Mono Primal Spire

Throne Deck By
Team Even Factionless


Cost Curve




Did a really good run to masters after adding Defile, with the last 20 games having a 16-4 record.
Detailed deck tech in 2 days.
Main idea is to bump your primal influence as high as possible to draw with Helio, the Skywinder.
The draw to this deck is a very good market choice Direwood Hymn and Mistveil Drake, the influence is also ridiculously easy because you don't really need double time that often.
Added Defile for the Oni matchup, pretty effective when you blow out their Press the Advantage and wipe their board subsequently. Also good if you want to pop face aegis to kill Dinosaur Nests and Exploit them.
Usually, Direwood Hymn tutors for either Helio, the Skywinder and Insect Swarm.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
10 17 10 16 4

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Deck Rarities
7 27 40 1

Card Types
35 1 19 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


June 9, 2022


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kingphantom88 Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Somebody doesn't know what mono primal means :p
johanngrunt Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Congrats on the deck, you kept me off masters in some of your games.

really sweet deck and I had nothing I could do against it.
maslovk Eternal Version: 22.06.08
0-6 Casual, dieing on t 5-6 to any good tempo, really interested how do you do it.
abbaabbaabba Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
It has major weaknesses, and now that it's more well known, the surprise factor is gone. However, if you get lucky, it can dominate certain archetypes.

I mulligan aggressively for 3x Power and a Market card. Then use Spire Shadows on turn 4 right away. Exploit can be very important for survivability as well.

My version (has Sandspout Mirage and the secret weapon Valley Whisperer):
chaated Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Same boat. This deck insta-loses to anything aggressive and there is a LOT of aggro out there. Not good for climbing gold-ish ladder at all.
psly4mne Eternal Version: 22.06.08
If you're going full primal, why not a Learned Imitator package?
abbaabbaabba Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Am I missing something? What's the win con? I see Insect Swarm, but how do you get the most out of it? Also, aren't you missing Speed Grafter for Charge combos? My apologies for not getting it, if it's obvious.
LordPerth Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Spire Shadows is the card that makes it all work and that turns most of our units into threats
abbaabbaabba Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Ah, got it. I'm silly. Didn't realize it was a "full commit" Spire Shadows deck. I guess the point is that with Insect Swarm and Xenan Adept, players now have enough to really get the most out of Spire Shadows. I was expecting some clear, singular finisher.

Of course, it's vulnerable to any disruption that stops the key play, but it does look intimidating once it gets rolling. Not much removal, though.

As a bonus, this is kind of a budget deck too. No Legendaries except for a single copy of End of an Era in the market.
psly4mne Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Spire Shadows, so Swarm hits for 3 per 1 power, and the other evasive units hit are big beaters too. Ambush is good enough here, no charge needed.
abbaabbaabba Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Yeah, I saw Spire, but thought there would be something else as well. Didn't realize the point is that it was sufficient.