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Powerful Kerendon

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My first take for a post-Defiance deck. I always liked empower, and because Defiance didn't do much for my Xenan-lifegain, I decided to throw my shiftstone at Kerendon!

Let's talk about cards: Worldbearer Behemoth is just insane. Even withouta lot of empower effects he destroys a lot and ramps you. But in this deck, he also
1. buffs your Hojan, Crownbreaker, Mystic Ascendant and Howling Kurtarr into oblivion,
2. Ramps you even more with Marshal Ironthorn and enables his one-sided boardwipe very fast,
3. Let's your enemies units shiver in fear and Cowardice with the help of Grinva, Breaker of Will
4. and slaughters them with Martyr's Chains while getting strong enough to slaughter your opponent.

Display of Vision is mostly ramp + combat trick if you have cards like Hojan, Ascendant or Kurtarr and a removal with Chains. Sometimes you use it for the -1/-1, especially against aggro, or maybe as a relic/weapon removal, but that's just some versatility added to the card.
Kerendon Cargo is a better Seek Power because it can also create a random card. Sometimes you get really good ones, sometimes it's just shit. But you get to decide between three of them!

I use two of the new smugglers, Ebon Dune Smuggler and Hidden Road Smuggler. That's mostly because it's more versatile than using the old ones, but it means I sacrifice the possibility to use them as extra copies of my bombs. But it means, I can use them to hold some of the more limited bombs or answers.
Dizo's Office is good because it is a buff as long as it exists and can be at least a removal + lifegain, maybe it ends in giving you card advantage and a lot of health.
The Praxis Arcanum is a generic good cards. Accelerate your Behemoth to get value from it instantly! And play everything a turn earlier! It's just good. The other two spells are worse, and Talir, Unbound is not the best card,but if she goes off, it's most likely game over.
A New Tomorrow is pretty good with empower-cards (maybe except Ascendant because it can lead to decking yourself, especially with 1+ Ironthorns). Need to clear a board? Have ANT together with Martyr's chains! Need to get your attack through and you don't have another merchant to grab Chains? Grinva can do the job! Enemy has no flying blocker? Get through there with a flying Kurtarr that just got buffed by +20/+20! Short on life? Hojan attacks and gives you at least 22 health back if he is not removed!
Martyr's Chains is in there because you don't want it on your opening hand, but if you need it, it's there to destroy your enemies.
Desert Marshal is the only non-bomb in there. but imagine opponent screaming something. The Xenan Merchants gets dropped and gets the Marshal who just destroys all the plans your enemy had! It seems to be a good combo.

I think about changing the numbers of the Smugglers. The Xenan one has better options for most of the game, but you want an Argenport merchant in the lategame to get your Chains.


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Influence Requirements
3 4 2

Power Sources
19 17 16 19

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14 5 31 20

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31 1 17 2 29


December 16, 2018

December 15, 2018


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