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Infinite Ping Damage

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Do not use this deck for ranked PVP. Although consistent, I have found out (the hard way) that even if you get the combo set up correctly, you may lose due to timer if your opponent has too much health to be able to ping in a single turn. Overall, this deck does win a lot, but it loses to aggro and timer. It is very consistent for Gauntlet farming.

I find that this combo is SO fast on mobile. Just position one thumb over the Yeti and the other thumb over your opponent, and it's really fast to execute. It's abysmally slower on PC, but still really fast to do if you have a mouse (slow if you have a bad trackpad). Bothersome on console. Don't use this deck if you play solely on console since going back and forth is more of a hassle.

Deck now has more ramping and tutoring for the exact influence that you need. Voice of the Speaker allows you to get fodder for Market trades and works especially well with Find the Way. The deck is a lot more consistent than before and performs very well in Gauntlet (and some PvP play). It however does poorly against Swarm decks, especially if they have flyers. I love the deck as it currently is and will play test over the next few days. I think that I can remove some of the Grafters/Merchants in favor of more removal options.

Edit again
Removed Grafters and added 4x Permafrost, 3 Hailstorm, and 1x Forbidden Wisdom.

If you do not have Hailstorm, Cyber Combustion is close enough. You can also run 4 instead of 3 and omit the Forbidden Wisdom if you prefer.
Also, instead of Formbend in the Market, you may consider subbing in Sandstorm Scarf for those pesky flyers.
Decided that Sandstorm Scarf is NOT optional and just subbed it in instead for higher win consistency

Here is the deck being adjusted and performing in Gauntlet
Sorry, I'm a dork and didn't realize that my camera covers the Power bar :/

You have a whopping 28 cards of which to use to tutor for Stained Honor, Curtain Call, and Belligerent Yeti- the only 3 cards that you need for the combo. (After editing, you only have 20 Market cards)

The Time Faction mostly provides ramping, the other cards are to tutor for whatever piece you need from your Market- with the exception of Permafrost which I just included just in case you needed it in the main deck. (Replaced)

Once you have the three combo pieces, 7 Power needed total (plus 4 Time Influence), play them all in the same turn. If you want to be extra careful, I did include a Savage Denial in the Market in case the opponent wanted to remove your Belligerent Yeti or your Stained Honor and you wanted an extra safeguard (you will need to start the combo once you have 8 power then).

Once the two units are on the field, play Curtain Call to give Belligerent Yeti and Stained Honor invincibility during the turn. With all three pieces in place, you can now ping infinitely!

Trailmaker will help you get the 1 Primal/2 Shadow/4 Time Influence requirement that you need for the combo! Think in the long run, and get whichever Influence you think that you will need later!


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Influence Requirements
2 2 2

Power Sources
14 11 10 10

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9 28 28

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34 5 16 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


December 22, 2020

December 19, 2020


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Empire of Glass

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