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Royal Paladins

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ETS 2019 S1W8 - Top 8
March 2, 2019


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
4 2 2

Power Sources
13 15 12 15

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Deck Rarities
8 21 26 15

Card Types
26 5 20 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 3, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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RyanSD Eternal Version:
Super fun deck - thanks for all your hard work on it, Knife!
raptorjesas Eternal Version:
Any reason why vanquisher's blade in here but vanquish in the other deck? What makes this one need blade and the other not
Knifebloom Edited Eternal Version:
Without a lucky early Brel this deck is slower and plays out more like a typical FJS deck that is disruptive to the enemy game plan (multiple Tombs for Sabotage, relic weapons for removal). I found the sabotages and Harsh Rule to be insufficient to maintain a high enough win rate against the reanimators that I kept facing (which was primarily just playing against one person repeatedly) and I see a variety of reasons to play Blade over Gavel in the market in this scenario.

Blade isn't played anywhere in my Aluminum Paladins deck because it prevents you from receiving the very important cudgels from the 4x Statuary Maidens (I don't think the occasional anti synergy is a problem for this deck). It's also not necessary in order to beat reanimators and Talir combo decks because their lack of interaction means you can frequently ramp, draw cards, and swing with giant Hojans fast enough to overwhelm them. Reanimator still causes problems with a turn 5 Azindel but otherwise you just go over the top with Chains and win any game that goes long. This deck ostensibly has a higher curve but it has a much less powerful late game against decks without sweepers, with the trade off that it laughs in the face of decks that rely on a stream of harsh rules and end of the stories.
raptorjesas Edited Eternal Version:
Thanks for the reply. No chains in this deck though... Kinda hurts, because I've played probably 50 games of your other deck and many of the wins come from chains. But I can see how smuggler's stash makes more sense because of all the great stuff you can grab from the void, and there are no copperhall paladins to ramp you up to 8 quickly. Do you think chains would be reasonable in this deck, and if so which market card would you replace it for?
Knifebloom Eternal Version:
Chains definitely takes Stash's spot. I tried that at the end of the last season and was surprised that it didn't feel like a big improvement to the deck considering how much stronger Chains is in general. Chains is probably the smarter choice but it's nowhere near as powerful as in decks with more power / card draw / ways to refill the board.
Comment Deleted
Knifebloom Eternal Version:
For additional information including revision history this deck was first published here. For anyone who saw the paladin deck I ran last week I would like to make the very unimportant point that this is the original (my first successful paladin deck). This is the only deck that I think I've ever made that has a very enjoyable match up against temporal.
Roadkill2716 Eternal Version:
I used your last paladins deck to get masters last month. I look forward to trying this one out too. Brel seems like am awesome fit