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Infiltrate Gunsmith Combo

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This deck is part combo and midrange. it can win with the combo of Calderan Gunsmith,West-Wind Herald,Mirror Image and Cabal Spymaster that makes infinite Calderan Gunsmith to deal infinite damage basically. It can also win by out grinding your opponent with the help of Haunting Scream, Gorgon Fanatic,Direwood Beastcaller,Whispering Wind and Dark Return. This deck was a BLAST to play and it had SO much more play to it than I expected. You don't have to go for the combo all the time or even half the time. I've done things like Haunting Scream back a Direwood Beastcaller then using Mirror Image to make a copy with flying and charge that stays on the field plus I got four 5/5s out of the deal. I highly recommend this deck for the fun and honestly how competitive it feels.


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1 2 1

Power Sources
8 14 11 11 3

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Deck Rarities
12 34 18

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22 0 28 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


June 8, 2017

June 7, 2017


Eternal Version
Distant Lands

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Yegie Edited Eternal Version: 1.21
Too many situational cards, I've had 3 games so far where I don't draw any units and end up with 4 to 7 dead cards in hand.

Update: 8 games, 7 loses, I probably am not playing it 100% correctly, but I still can't imagine this deck going above a 40% winrate, so much removal in the meta means you end up being a much weaker scream deck.
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.21
I can see all of those points. I personally have had really good success with the deck, but I could have just gotten lucky a lot of the time. Thanks for the comment and for trying it out!
Yegie Eternal Version: 1.21
Not wanting to give up on the combo I tried this deck: and had way more success, still a small sample size, but currently at 7 win in 8 games. Quarry is absolutely game swinging, and having no dark returns and less situational removal makes the deck way more consistent.
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.21
Yea that makes sense. I actually have that list built so I'll have to try it out.
SpaceGandalf Eternal Version: 1.21
You or someone else stomped me with this deck a couple days ago. I can attest that it is craaaaaaazy annoying to play against.
The minute the match ended I was saying how I needed to figure out how to build my own version but here's the real deal!
Thanks for posting!
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.21
No Problem! Thanks for trying it out!
skinlab133 Eternal Version: 1.20.6
Fun deck, but I'm not a fan of Whispering Wind More often than not I don't take advantage of the effect. Dunno what to replace it with though.
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.20.6
I personally love the Whispering Wind in this deck but I can see why it might not be appealing to all. I think blindstory teller or hearld's song would be the closest thing to replicating the type of effect whispering wind offers. Thanks for trying out the deck!
FatPunk Eternal Version: 1.20.6
Really Fun deck. I did have just 1 Scouting Party Card so i switched it and add Assembly Line. Works Well to! Thx fpr Sharing!
djgraymtg Eternal Version: 1.20.6
I can see that. Thanks for playing the deck!