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Crowning Around

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Welcome to Crowning Around. Yeah, yeah, another Crown of Possibilities deck... Hopefully I've got some new tech to offer that hasn't been rehashed over and over. This deck is really fun to play and puts up some pretty decent numbers, but I'm looking for ways to improve it. Shoutout to Delanorix with this deck: Remedial History for the original idea. I have iterated through several variants since then.

Basic Game Plan:
Stick some inspirational goodness in the form of Crown/Dusky. Draw gas by attacking and infiltrating. Frustrate your opponent who is also trying to draw cards by Teaching them some Humility...repeatedly. Win the game with scary, skilled monsters.

Opening hand:
The ideal opener would include a Teacher of Humility, Dusk Raider, and either a way to recur the Teacher for when it gets immediately removed or a Display of Possibilities. A good opener has a guy you can play on turn 2 and 3 and a removal spell.

Some Card Explanations:
Many of the cards in here are the usual fare. You've got Teacher, Gorgon, and Smuggler for the core team. The Crown and Dusky give dudes skills. The reanimation multiplies skills and draws more gas. Moonstone Vanguard and Caiphus, Wandering King are big, dumb monsters what bashes face. Some of the cards may be a little less obvious.
Whispering Wind: This little guy does a lot of work. Discarding less useful cards in your hand or things you want to scream for more expensive, more useful cards is good. If you structure the deck so that there are only certain sorts of things you can get at certain price points, it can be amazing. As it stands, discarding a 3 only gets you value monsters. Discarding a Vanguard only gets you the lone Caiphus.
Aeva, Eilyn's Elite: Did you know that Tribute works from discarding a dude? (Okay, you probably did, but I'm new, and this was a revelation.) This card will almost always draw you 4 extra cards. When they all get little superpowers and can be filtered/smuggled away for more useful things while Aeva beats down, I cannot stress how good this can be. Games often end with an army of little berserking fliers going to town.
Unraveling Fanatic: This is the most marginal card in the deck at the moment, but it is fantastic if it cannot be answered or if they think your Teacher/Dusky are bigger threats or they've blown their removal on them already. Keep in mind that he keeps his count if you recur him later or that his count gets copied if you copy him! (No current copy effects in the deck right now.)
Secret Passage More like secret weapon. This is a ridiculously awesome card and can be fetched with Display, so one is plenty. Sometimes it just sneaks your infiltrators through and that's enough, especially for Gorgon. It will often close a game by making a couple berserking monsters unblockable. The paid ability also makes the unit unblockable permanently, so it stays on there when you recur it. You can also kill your Permafrosted guys and depleted infiltrators/killers to recur. Probably the craziest play is a berserk Cykalis, the Burning Sand out of the market for 10 damage out of nowhere for 5 power.
Display of Possibilities: Okay, this is standard fare as a relic tutor and a removal spell, but I cannot stress enough how relevant the quickdraw portion is. It is permanent for recursion and will often 2-for-1 blockers of a teacher or other beater while leaving the threat in play. Often they think you just want to trade or that you have a scream, so you can really blow them out sometimes.

Some Notes on Matchups:
This deck really beats up on things like FJS that draw a lot of cards and access markets/void regularly; It comes down to keeping their lifesteal monsters in line and getting multiple teacher triggers. You'd much rather they have only a market sweeper though.
Aggro is tough, but much of your fast removal is strong against weapons. If you can land a Vanguard, it gets a lot easier. Prioritize fighting with aegis guys to maximize your Hailstorm. Teachers are on defense here.
Ramp kicks your ass HARD. Telut, Queen's Hand is the actual worst and Martyr's Chains is similarly terrible. I stopped playing this deck in Ranked for now as these decks are really prevalent.
TPS is hit or miss. If they can stick a SST, it's bad news, so aggressively dig for answers to him and watch out for Display to negate it. They hate teacher too.

I'm looking to improve my bad matchups and work out another dude at 4+ to get with Whispering Wind. (I don't have baby Vara, but this may just be the answer.)


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


February 22, 2019


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