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EDIT: Finally got to masters with this! Woohoo!

The deck's consistency dramatically went up when I removed the Valkyrie Spireguard (they were fine, but often unimpactful) and added the 26th sigil (finally stopped screwing so much) and the Aerialist Trainer. I thought this last card was going to be bad, but it ends up in a similar position than Whispering Wind, where it smooths up some bad or mediocre draws, and it blocks super well on the ground. It's also entirely disposable, so you can take "risks" while blocking.


This deck's been performing quite well for me, and it's very accessible since there're no legendaries in the list. I just don't think any legendary card would actually make the deck better than what it is right now.

The trick is to get one big flying threat and protect it. This will vary a little bit depending on what you're facing (sometimes it's better to just go wide, or play defense for a couple of rounds), but that's the gist of it.

Some of the best plays the deck can make is Silverwing Familiar followed by any equipment.Hammer of Might is great since it boost your next creature to come into the battlefield "equipped" (+3+3), but Cloudsnake Saddle is also good, since you'll be able to keep power open for Backlash or Protect.


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October 21, 2017

September 25, 2017


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The Tale of Horus Traver

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LuckyLouis Eternal Version: 1.25.1
i want to believe this deck is good, i really do. But holy fk, i just spent 20mins queing into nothing but red and skycragg burn. HOW DO YOU BEAT THESE DECKS!? Maybe i'm just unlucky, but i couldnt do anything and it makes me doubt this decks viability.
Lombar Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Hey mate,

Sorry to hear that. The deck's not super easy to play, and although I don't think the matchup against skycrag is terrible, it's not favorable.
Your best bet is Silverwing equipped or buffed. Aerialist is also good in this matchup, don't be afraid to cast him just for the body.

If you keep seeing this matchup a lot, feel free to swap some backlashes for storms - most your creatures survives the storm anyways, and if you can 2x1 them, you can generate enough time to stabilize.