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Tossing out Dragons, left and right

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Spend the early game digging and discarding Ephemeral Wisp and Dawnwalker in order to get Soulfire Drake and Thunderstrike Dragon, then have some great fun at turn 5 and beyond.

Torch, Flame Blast, and Charchain Flail are included as removal first and reach second.

A Whispering Wind discarded Dawnwalker or Wisdom of the Elders is a guaranteed Drake or Thunderstrike Dragon until Amber Monuments are online.

There is enough time influence to hard cast Wisp and Dawnwalker, but you really would rather discard them to draw into your big flyers. Prioritize getting triple Fire and Primal influence before worrying about time.

You could try throwing in crown of possibilities if you're feeling rambunctious. The Amber Monuments might be better as sigils - it's great fun to draw a charging flying overwhelm 5/5, but not before your drakes have died.

Still making tweaks on the fly.


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Influence Requirements
3 2 3

Power Sources
14 8 14 10

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Deck Rarities
20 17 21 3

Card Types
22 6 21 0 26


July 13, 2017

July 11, 2017


Eternal Version
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drewbagel423 Eternal Version: 1.21
Looks like a fun deck. What's the point of having the Wisps if you're trying to discard them?
Randanger Eternal Version: 1.21

Because aggro? Because you play the wisp for free from your void every time you play a sigil? Wisp is our chump, and even better if you never had to pay the initial cost. All of the discard effects draw you more gas, especially the whispering wind. Our gameplan is to get to turn 5 with a Soulfire Drake in hand and dawnwalkers in the void and our draw engine in place to play 5 attack flyers(hopefully with charge) or big burn spells every turn thereafter. We have a fairly passive start, and lightning storm doesn't play nice with our wispering wind. We want to stop the aggression from killing us while we continue to dig for our win conditions, so we prefer to pay for drawing cards and cheat out our blockers.
drewbagel423 Eternal Version: 1.21
Oh I thought it was the other wisp with the card draw for playing a fatty, never mind.