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Kalis Induce Madness

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A sacrificial deck based on Bloodrite Kalis

Induce Madness is really good to pair with Kalis to force opponent to sacrifice their own units. If you have Induce Madness placed on them, once you play Bloodrite Kalis, most of the time, they have to clear their own board too. So it will be a big Kalis hit straight to the face without blockers stopping you. Even if their units have aegis, it won’t be stopped to be sacrificed.

Flamekeeper provides overwhelm for Bloodrite Kalis to hit through small blockers to end the game, if fighting against aggro.

Kato, Arena Herald and Uldra, Veilripper really fit well here.
1) If the board has Kato, Arena Herald, if your void already has more than 12 units, if you have at least 5 mana while playing Kalis (3 mana), you can use the remaining 2 mana to summon a big 8/8 Giant on the board at the same time of playing Kalis.
2) if the board has Vishni, Lethrai Highblood and Uldra, Veilripper, while you play Kalis, you can immediately resummon a board full of Vishni's minions.

Crack the Earth is fantastic because i think 3-cost merchant cards are costly and it breaks the tempo to summon small units to crowd the board to allow big Kalis. And together with Display of Destruction, these two cards create Cultist and that will let you bargain Ark of Sol out directly from market. remember to keep a 2-mana spared to play Ark of Sol to ramp further.


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Influence Requirements
2 2 3

Power Sources
10 6 13 12

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Deck Rarities
26 16 16 12

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19 5 31 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]

Aggro Combo

May 26, 2020

May 23, 2020


Eternal Version
v20.05.04 - Shadow of the Spire

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 25, 2020


Alabazoo Eternal Version: 20.05.21
I've got a Kalis brew going also but wanting to really make it work with mysterious waystone.

Kalis is actually my stall and alternate win condition with waystone giving inevitability. Curious as to why you cut it.
rabbitsamlcs Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.21
it was initially included in it, but eventually i found induce madness is much better. And usually, as soon as after you played induce madness, it will be almost game-ending for the opponent. and the damage caused by mysterious waystone is often not that big and not that impactful unless it stays there for a very long time, which is unusual for a Kalis deck. You will not have much chance to play mysterious waystone. I cut mysterious waystone to include Flamekeeper because it can give the relic weapon Overwhelm in case opponent has a lot of small blockers. Once you played induce madness, it will be either game-ending for them, or they found a way to kill the relic. If induce madness is killed and in the void, you will want to bring in back with ancient excavator, that's why i meant if you played induce madness, you wont have much chance to play mysterious waystone. and yes, i saw your list as soon as you posted it up yesterday , my opinion is, merchant cards are costly at 3-cost, hence it break the tempo of going aggro, you have to be aggro to play small units to allow big Kalis, 3-cost is costly for a aggro deck. and your Shrine to Karvet was once in my consideration too but i decided not to put in list because units in a Kalis deck just serve as a blocker or to tick opponent to death while waiting for Kalis to appear to make a big Kalis weapon. So if put Shrine to Karvet, it is sort of contradicting what we aim for, if you aim for big units to kill opponents, then shouldn't play Kalis. If play Kalis, then don't break the tempo to summon many small units to board to annoy the hell out of opponent, haha! And, i think, your strange burglars do not fit in there, it is a costly 4-cost unit and you have only 2 strangers. I think you can cut it for something else, if for budget version, i think you can add more kindling carvers for more values, or even cards like auric reclaimer or scavenge for much better options. Mysterious Waystone should be in market, 4 cards in the main deck costing 5-mana is huge. And in early game, if you draw it, it is a dead useless card in hand. we both like Kalis, i like Kalis, since this game was still in beta. :-)
Alabazoo Edited Eternal Version: 20.05.21
That deck I posted was me trying to make mysterious waystone work and I still had a Kalis deck from waaaaaayyyy back during empty throne that seemed to fit nicely.

You're right though about the waystone being clunky. All the relic destruction and hero aegis makes the waystone even more clunky beyond the cost.
I do like the inevitability of it but an overwhelmed Kalis is even better. I'll keep it around but maybe try iterating on this pure Kalis deck to see if I can think of anything better.

What are your thoughts about unkindness?
For me it was a bit to early tempo and also insurance against a board wipe (since that usually doesn't involve them playing a unit) and frankly was one of the few ways I could play 3 units for 1 card
rabbitsamlcs Eternal Version: 20.05.21
i think unkindness is not bad. good thought. it being a cursed relic also may be able to force opponent to use up a card to destroy it so they won't be able to destroy your mysterious waystone eventually, not a bad card for kalis, honestly