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Mo Better Blues

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Victorious Designs


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Hey everyone. So as a part of the article leading up to the release of Dark Frontier, in one of the articles they mentioned how they wanted to bolster mono faction decks. And with the gluttony of new good primal cards we got I decided I wanted to try out Mono Primal and i've had quite a bit of success with it so far. Its far from perfect and the market can change to reflect new evolving metas but for now here are some new cards from Dark Frontier card choice reasons

Ice Bolt This card is kind of ridiculous. Takes out so many threats and gives Primal better removal than its ever had and it only costs 2.

Lightning Sprite I am very partial to this card because it was my Dark Frontier spoiler, but it also is fantastic in this deck. The 1/4 twisting body is great and coming down on 3 and swinging in to trigger the onslaught on Lethrai Soothsayer is really important. Plus card filtering later on in the game is super valuable.

Lethrai Soothsayer I've been searching for a good shell to fit this card into and I feel like this works out really well. I love the ability and it really comes in handy against so many decks. 7 torches in your deck gets work done and especially against decks like Stonescar Aggro it takes care of business.

Rost, the Walking Glacier Holy moly this card is great and a real payoff to playing mono blue. It is super common to warp this card in on turn 5. They might as well just call him the drowned god because what is dead may never die. My original list was running savagery just to put on him and feast caller, but it ended up being kind of clunky in the long run.

Seal of Devotion TBH I was skpetical about this card at first, but let me tell you being able to play a power warped with no catch feels really good. The only downside of it is that it doesn't provide an influence, which can be kind of bad when it comes to playing rost, but else this card delivers.


Now this is the part i am still working on really. Royal Decree has been pretty stellar so far. I'm currently playing around with Lida's Apprentice because people are starting to get wise to Rost and silencing it but it could change really. Crashing Avalance comes in with a merchant when you know they are totally gonna drop the Palace or Peaks. I could see myself putting savagery back in the market at some point but for now I like it the way it is.

Notable consideration and exceptions: I tried out the blue coin and I really didn't end up liking it. It always comes down depleted and the ability isn't all that that great unless you can proc aegis with it or you have rost out. I would honestly rather just have more primal sigils than the coin.

And there you go. A good chunk of this deck is new cards from Dark Frontier and that makes me happy that the new cards are good. Give it a shot and let me know how it does for you!


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


May 16, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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