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Inspire Fury

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I love to make bad cards good!! Had a lot of success with Unfinished Business. This time it's Feed the Flames!!

Unfinished Business:

I really wanted this deck to take me to Masters this season, but it just fell short. (My Venomfang Dagger list had to close me out.) So I can only claim G2-D1 with this list. Still a ton of promise here and a whole bunch of fun.

The idea of the deck is to draw creatures when you want to, in order to maximize powerful inspire effects. Playing Warhowler and the Feed the Flames on T4 gives you two kamikaze torches! This then leads to a T5 Flamefang into a Tribute card. And it just gets so much more ugly when Zuberi gets in the mix!! Most games close out with Killer, 2x DMG, overwhelm Champion of Fury beats. Or better yet, 8 DMG board wipe from a Hyped up Molot & Nakova.

Card Choices
---Standard Skycrag removal package. Can't go too wrong here.

Champion of Fury
Crunch, the Hoarder
---Standard fare. Crashes in, good stats, holds new keywords well. Crunch is the safest T3 play.

Zuberi, Outlands Warlord
Trumpeting Warhowler
Dusk Raider
---The inspire engine. Warhowler might be the most important card in the deck. Often want to Feed the Flames in the same turn as one of these to guarantee value.

Aeva, Eilyn's Elite
Jawbone Greatsword
---Tribute value engines. Both can draw creatures who'll carry keywords. Discard outlet and Killer easily enables the tribute.

---A trial card, extra edge against Harsh Rule and Grasp into Shadow.

Xo of the Endless Hoard
---Probably the best legend in the game. His attack effect is wonderful with 2x damage.

Howling Peak Smuggler
Jennev Merchant
---Currently at 5 total. I tested out 6 and 7, but the deck is pretty heavy with 3 drops.

Jotun Feast-Caller
---This card's number has gone up and down a lot. A stone cold beauty when he gets Killer.

Super interested if anyone's tried anything similar. I've loved brewing this pile. Please comment below!!


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4 3

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17 18 8

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14 18 25 12

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34 6 13 0 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]

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February 26, 2019

February 25, 2019


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OneAntic Eternal Version:
I tried a skycrag inspire deck but my list had temple shihan instead of warhowler and aimed to do huge bursts with a censari brigand fetched from the market. also, are you really gonna tell us you made masters with a venomfang dagger list and then not post it? rude!
Treblemain Eternal Version:
Haha. I'll try to post it up soon

List sounds pretty juicy! It stinks that 3 is such a crowded spot, but he might be worth testing over Crunch
SilentNSly Eternal Version:
Very innovative way to ensure value from Inspire
Treblemain Eternal Version:
Thanks! Tasty brews keep bringing me back to Eternal